BELLIN, a Coupa company, is a global leader in treasury technology, providing innovative solutions for finance professionals. BELLIN’s cloud-based and nimble treasury management system: tm5, offers solutions that excel in everything from cash management to payments or multilateral netting.

Company Resources

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Fact Sheet | BELLIN SWIFT Service

8th October 2020

Access to the most powerful banking network in the world This BELLIN SWIFT Service fact sheet highlights the benefits of utilizing the most expansive and powerful bank connectivity network in the world. Global companies means bank accounts spread across different countries, and an overview of cash flows and payment details might be a challenge...
White Paper | Embracing Technology: Solving Key Cash Management Challenges

7th October 2020

Examining challenges and opportunities in cash management This white paper titled: Embracing Technology: Solving Key Cash Management Challenges, highlights some of the key challenges and opportunities that treasurers should be aware of to fortify their cash management processes. Cash management is the building block of many other treasury tasks...
White Paper |Treasury Use Cases for Artificial Intelligence

7th October 2020

How treasurers can leverage AI without fear of being replaced Many treasurers are uneasy about the advent of artificial intelligence in treasury. They fear being replaced. However, the reality is: AI will become part of treasury one way or another – it’s simply a question of when and how. This white paper empowers treasurers to define viable...
White Paper | Three Technologies Increasing the Speed of Treasury

10th December 2019

This white paper, "Three Technologies Increasing the Speed of Treasury", takes a look at 3 emerging technologies that are evolving the treasury industry.
6 Vendor Fraud Prevention Tips (Infographic)

10th December 2019

Integrate these six vendor fraud prevention strategies to reduce fraud, financial losses, and reputational damage from fraudulent attacks.
Infographic | The 7 Core Benefits of a Treasury Management System

2nd October 2019

Discover the key benefits of a treasury management system, including boosting productivity and maximizing security and control.
Success story | Bilfinger's Payments Success

23rd August 2019

How Bilfinger achieved 15% bank fee reduction  30% reduction in processing costs  50% less administrative efforts for account maintenance  100% increase in transparency/visibility and security  100% satisfaction with implementation
Guide | Multilateral Netting | Implementation and Best Practices

7th August 2019

This guide titled: Multilateral Netting Implementation and Best Practices delivers: A step-by-step guide to an ideal multilateral netting implementation workflow Best practices to establishing ideal systems How BELLIN’s tm5 makes the entire process simple and straight-forward
Guide | Corporate Payments | How to Establish Optimal Bank Connectivity

7th August 2019

This guide explains the current payment system landscape, connectivity options, and provides an internal connectivity checklist for you to use when reviewing your company’s current landscape. Finally, we explain how to define clear and structured project goals and outcomes.
Infographic | Transform Intercompany Trade with Multilateral Netting

7th August 2019

A multilateral netting solution provides companies with a host of benefits to help boost productivity and reduce bank and FX fees. This infographic illustrates the main benefits and savings.