BELLIN is the global leader in technology for corporate banking and treasury. We provide solutions for the financial sector, catering to a range of clients from large multinationals to SMEs and banks.

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5 Reasons Why Netting is Relevant for Your Company

18th March 2019

Intercompany netting has the potential to add value to every company – including yours. Enjoy this immersive on-demand webinar and gain a firm overview of the value you may be missing out on. We show you: - How to avoid transaction costs, financing issues, and complex accounting processes - Gain elevated control of FX exposure and internal...
Discover a unique approach to intercompany netting

13th March 2019

Get an exclusive introduction to our intercompany reconciliation and netting solution. Let us walk you through our treasury management system, tm5. We will show you our unique approach that provides company-wide benefits: agreement-driven netting. - Immersive intercompany reconciliation and netting demo - Learn how to set up participants and rules...
How to Optimize and Automate Manual Treasury Workflows with a TMS

11th February 2019

Discover BELLIN’s tm5 in Strategic Treasurer’s annual analyst report, “The Definitive Guide to Treasury Aggregation Technology Solutions," which lays out a structured approach to utilizing treasury technology to maximize cash management efficiency and security.. The guide covers the following key topics: - Payment challenges in treasury - A...
How to Maximize Visibility and Automation with a Centralized Treasury Solution

11th February 2019

Discover BELLIN’s tm5 in Strategic Treasurer’s annual analyst report, “A Definitive Guide to Treasury & Risk Management Technology Solutions," which lays out a structured approach to utilize a treasury management system to maximize efficiency. The guide covers the following key topics: - An overview of TMS developments - A treasury landscape...
Cyber Fraud and Treasury - How to Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats

24th January 2019

In his whitepaper, BELLIN TMS user Royston Da Costa outlines the risks treasurers are faced with and talks about how you can get your company “fraud-proof.”
Mitigating Costs and Exposure - A Multilateral Netting White Paper

15th January 2019

An immersive look into multilateral netting by dissecting the steps to establishing baseline protocol for implementation, the associated benefits and potential hurdles to consider.
Netting: An Immersive Guide to Global Reconciliation

2nd January 2019

BELLIN's in-depth guide to global intercompany reconciliation using multilateral and bilateral netting. Discover the forms, participants, cycles, and benefits of netting and how BELLIN's award-winning treasury management system: tm5, boasts a powerful netting solution for your corporate.
Process-driven treasury instead of spreadsheets at Gebr. Heinemann

12th April 2018

The treasury team at Gebr. Heinemann constantly tackle new treasury challenges: the digitalization of additional processes and the integration in one overall system. Given the scale of their business, working with spreadsheets is out of the question for a company like Gebr. Heinemann. This means backing system-based methods for efficient financial...
System-driven collaboration of all local entities

5th April 2018

Using technology to facilitate financial management and the continuous phasing out of spreadsheets were a natural development at NORDEX. The treasury management system has created a whole new, overarching level encompassing all group entities, enabling the flexible and quick collection of local data that can then be used both locally and centrally....
Intercompany netting saves time and money

5th April 2018

The monthly, system-based netting process at TYROLIT group starts with the reconciliation at invoice level. This in itself improves the intercompany trade efficiency of each group company and simplifies their work. Another positive effect of netting is that the group companies no longer make any payments via bank accounts. TYROLIT acts as the...