GFT delivers enterprise scale solutions quickly and effectively using a resource base of over 4,500 specialists across 12 countries in Europe and the Americas. We are one of the world’s leading IT solutions providers to the banking sector, with a unique hybrid model of onsite and nearshore consultants.

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The Silver Lining - New Episode

27th July 2020

In the latest episode of our podcast series on all things cloud, Karl Havard is joined by TIBCO's Mike Kennedy to discuss the latest news and developments in the sector.
Watch GFT hybrid & multicloud webinar - see Anthos in action

20th July 2020

Watch on-demand the latest GFT webinar where you will get an insightful and unique look into the full power of Google Anthos and Apigee, where we show how deploying Anthos and Apigee is already enabling forward-thinking firms to intelligently maximise overstretched technology budgets to deliver long-lasting, transformative business change...
New episode of GFT UK Talks podcast on cloud migration now available

3rd July 2020

In the second episode of GFT Talks 'The Silver Lining' series, focusing on embracing the cloud for business, host Karl Havard (Head of Google Cloud Alliance, GFT) is joined by our very own Leon Orr (Chief Delivery Officer, GFT) to discuss the impact of DevOps culture in business and how firms are now attempting to migrate their content to the...
High Performance Computing in the cloud POV from GFT

25th June 2020

High Performance Computing (HPC) refers to the discipline of aggregating computing power in the way it delivers much higher performance and throughput. It enables users to get significantly more out of a typical desktop computer, workstation or server in order to solve large problems in the areas of science, engineering or (as is most relevant to...
GFT & Google Cloud - Tranquility Base Webinar

22nd April 2020

View here the recent GFT & Google Cloud webinar on Tranquility Base - the ground-breaking open source Datacenter-as-code landing zone application. Here you see the latest version of Tranquility Base that makes it easier and faster to deploy workloads into your Google Cloud environment; in minutes, not months. The presenters demonstrate how easily...
Cloud, a key enabler of open banking

16th January 2020

In this interview on #cloud as a key enabler of open banking, GFT's Christian Ball emphasises the importance of cloud infrastructure to the open banking process and why firms need to grasp this crucial technology sooner rather than later.
Open banking and the cloud

12th December 2019

Open banking and cloud technology are very closely entwined. Their growth will inevitably progress in parallel. Banks that wish to capitalise on the open banking opportunity will adopt strategic cloud solutions and as open banking develops, cloud technology will move from useful to essential. This paper examines open banking as a catalyst of...
Open banking: realising business value with cloud

11th February 2019

Open banking is emerging as the driving component of a broader digital banking strategy for most financial institutions. GFT has been working with our partner AWS to develop solutions that help financial institutions manage, transform, and store their data securely. Find out more about what this collaboration can do for your open banking...
‘The monetisation of open banking’ - New thought leadership from GFT

19th December 2018

Open banking heralds a seismic change in global financial services, however, the future of any open banking offering will ultimately be determined by the value it provides. A new thought leadership paper from GFT entitled ‘The monetisation of open banking’ explores some of the key commercial issues surrounding open banking. It offers a...
Performance testing of distributed ledger technology

17th October 2018

The last few years have seen huge investment into software that brings distributed ledger technology (DLT) to financial markets, but it remains unclear as to whether it will be fit for purpose. In particular, it remains to be demonstrated that DLT is capable of working in intensely demanding, high throughput environments, suitable for financial...