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Since 1990, Profile Software provides award-winning banking and investment management software solutions to the financial services industry. Utilising modern technology tools, it develops innovative solutions to help FIs to personalise their client experience and optimise their business agility.

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eNewsletter Winter 2019

6th March 2019

Read Profile Software’s latest eNewsletter online, presenting new clients, product enhancements, new partnerships and interesting topics on AI, Wealth Management, Open Banking, Digital Payments, Treasury and more.
Open Banking: Growing in customer trust in 2019

7th February 2019

Over the past year of its implementation Open Banking remains a key concern of Banks given the regulatory environment, the changing consumer patterns, and the new Fintech firms. It is becoming a need for Banks to embrace digital transformation in this area to achieve more profitable operations. The banking industry is looking to achieve strong...
Digitalisation is transforming payments

12th December 2018

Payments are evolving as digitalisation and globalisation are driving customers to demand more flexible, secure and seamless payment services. Faced with these challenges, banks should capitalise the power of innovation and redefine their legacy infrastructure to streamline operations. Payments is a complete payments solution that improves...
Axia Fund Management

13th November 2018

Axia Fund Management solution incorporates competitive features to holistically cover asset management with advanced performance and risk analysis tools, administration of funds with multiple share classes in various currencies, asset classes and investment strategies as well as client portfolio management services. It effectively supports...
A wealth of FinTech knowledge

1st November 2018

This video summarises Profile’s experience featuring client testimonials and solutions coverage that range from Banking platforms available to both large organisations and startups, Challenger banks to Investment Management solutions for Wealth Management, Insurance firms and Family Offices, helping them experience flexibility and compliance to...
Corporate Brochure

25th October 2018

Profile Software for the past 28 years provides innovative award-winning solutions to the banking and investment management industries. Its advanced solutions (digital & traditional banking, omni-channel, cloud-based wealth management, marketplace lending, etc.) deliver unique flexibility and FinTech capabilities to help banks, start-ups and... Payments Brochure

2nd October 2018 Payments is the complete payments solution that covers all major payments instruments (credit transfers, direct debits, corporate payments), while supporting multiple networks including Users, Payment Channels and Interbank Networks, through a secure environment. It efficiently automates and monitors the full cycle of payments and can be... Digital Banking

5th September 2018

The Digital Banking, available in cloud and SaaS, is a robust solution for all types of Digital/Mobile banks including Challenger Banks offering flexibility, seamless integration, reliability and compliance, while improving operational efficiency. It delivers a unique digital user experience on a single platform, enabling firms to address...
Ditto Bank achieves high automation via, the Digital Banking Solution

18th July 2018

Sylvain Pignet, Group Company Secretary at Banque Travelex Ltd., Founder and CEO at Ditto Bank, a pioneering digital French bank, talks about the high control and automation the bank experiences in its operations through, Profile’s Core Banking platform. He also talks about the Profile team and the diversified approach provided to his... Loans Servicer

13th June 2018 Loans Servicer is an advanced end-to-end solution that streamlines the Loan Management process. It provides organisations with robust tools to effectively monitor their loans portfolio, in a multicurrency, multi-entity, multi-account operational environment, supported by complete audit trail and reporting capabilities. It enables...