Analyste offers market-leading cash management & treasury solutions to SME’s and large enterprises, globally. Our extensive experience and long established Nordic tradition of excellence is supported by a wide range of modular, on-demand, plug & play SaaS solutions tailored to meet individual business needs.

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Improving cash forecasting by tracking actuals

18th February 2020

Reliable cash forecasting requires continuous and evolving development of the forecasting process. One key ingredient to this vital process is tracking the actual-accuracy of the forecast.
Top tips for selecting a cash forecasting application

11th February 2020

Selecting the right software can be like starting a new relationship. You may be a little apprehensive to begin with but eager to make it work. Getting to know each other is crucial but, should it not work out, you need to be in a position to part ways with as little drama as possible! Here’s some top tips for selecting a cash forecasting...
How can treasury deploy a successful cash flow forecasting project?

4th February 2020

The basic concept of cash flow forecasting is quite simple: you just collect all the data about cash coming in and cash going out to get a picture of your company’s liquidity. Sounds simple right? Wrong. Read how Analyste works with Treasurers and senior finance professionals to overcome the challenge of cash forecasting.
Five expensive myths in cash forecasting

28th January 2020

Unreliable or non-existent cash forecasting is expensive for your company. Believing in these myths can delay the development of your cash forecasting and impact its quality. Learn more about how busting the myths can better position your business to quickly develop your cash forecasting technique and take it to a new level.
Cash flow forecasting reveals your company’s true liquidity

23rd January 2020

All organisations, large and small, need accurate cash flow forecasting to ensure real-time visibility. Learn how to get a clear view of your company's liquidity with Analyste