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Rolling Forecasts: benefits, key principles & scenario modelling (Part 2)

27th May 2020

As discussed in last week's Part 1 of the series, Analyste addresses the rolling forecast and how it compares to the traditional budget. This week we dig a bit deeper to decipher the usefulness of weekly cash flow forecasts, discuss the key principles around their construction and highlight the benefits of scenario modelling.
Cash flow forecasting - Every cloud has a silver lining

20th May 2020

Listen to Anne-Marie Rice and Carri Nicholson as they discuss why intelligent cash flow forecasting is crucial for small to medium sized businesses traversing the current 'black swan' crisis and how preparing from new opportunities is just as important as we plan for recovery.
Rolling Forecasts: is it time to abandon the traditional budget? (Part 1)

13th May 2020

The traditional budget has been the mainstay of business finance for as long as we can remember but with the arrival of cloud technologies and a new generation of finance philosophy, some question the relevance of this antiquated process in today’s increasingly agile and competitive business landscape.
Analyste announces expansion of European services

6th May 2020

Analyste welcomes Alex Weinrich and Fredrik Rydqvist who join the team to meet continued customer demand across Europe. Read more about how the new team members will further support industry demand for our market leading cash management and treasury solutions.
Intercompany Netting – a simple concept with a great track record

22nd April 2020

Intercompany Netting provides many benefits to companies so it’s no surprise it is such a popular concept. Reduced bank transaction & FX rate costs and improved intra-group payment efficiency are just some of the benefits. Read what David Kelin has to say about how Treasurers and Financial Directors can take the first step to centralising...
Intercompany Netting - Webinar

21st April 2020

Intercompany Netting provides a plethora of benefits, so it comes as no surprise it’s such a popular concept amongst multi-national and multi-franchise organisations. Watch our short webinar with guest speaker, David Kelin (DNA Treasury), offering some interesting advice to Treasurers and Financial Directors considering the first-step to...
Crisis Management: Why treasury & finance are pivotal to recovery

14th April 2020

Initiating a crisis management strategy is now top priority for organisations of all sizes. Finance and treasury have been propelled forward as pivotal to navigating the current crisis and driving successful recovery planning. Read some of the actionable advice from cash management experts at Analyste.
Business as we know it has changed – Cash is King, long live cash

1st April 2020

Global pandemics were not on risk-radars until the COVID-19 arrival and cash is now more important than ever for business survival and recovery planning. Accurate cash flow forecasting, modelling and consolidated liquidity visibility are essential survival criterion. Read more from our new blog.
Cash Management - it's not just you, the struggle is real!

11th March 2020

Cash management – the struggle is real. Our survey reveals that many finance professionals are still struggling with cash forecasting. Why is that? Download the report for all the mind-blowing findings!
Say goodbye to spreadsheets (Part 2)

10th March 2020

Cassette recorders, big hair, leg warmers, the Rubik’s cube, walkman and mobile phones the size of small suitcases are all legacies from the 1980's. Technology and hair styles have moved on… should cash forecasting applications.