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The Universal Payments (UP) company, powers electronic payments for 5,100+ organizations globally. 1,000+ of the largest financial institutions, intermediaries & thousands of global merchants rely on ACI to execute $14 trillion each day in payments and securities. Learn more at or @ACI_Worldwide.

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21st August 2018

Discover what’s driving digital payments innovation, and where the industry players are prioritizing their investment. • 64% of institutions in the Americas already believe real-time payments will enhance their ability to service customers.1 • In 2017, Zelle reported $75 billion of volume, growing at 36% versus Venmo’s $34.6 billion,...
Modernizing Cross-Border Transfers with SWIFT gpi

27th July 2018

Cleared for landing! ACI's gpi solution is the ONLY ONE certified by SWIFT. SWIFT gpi will not only deliver a much-needed improvement in the speed of transaction, but also improve overall customer experience. This improvement will arise through the creation of predictable settlement times and clear statuses by providing additional information on...
Capitalizing on the Real-Time Disruption of US Payments

7th June 2018

Discover how open banking is impacting US payments in parallel with real-time, and how the combination turns innovative possibilities into realities. · UP Immediate Payments - Global connectivity to real-time schemes, plus integration & orchestration via Open APIs · SME Use case: Real-time view - A single...
2018 Global Payments Insight Survey: Retail Banking

7th June 2018

To succeed in a rapidly changing environment, retail banks need to invest in the foundations for future innovation. Real-time payments and the advancement of open banking will come to define not just the shape of the future value chain, but also its participants. · 85% of banks expect real-time payments to drive revenue growth, up from...
Real-Time Payments: Will you be a leader or a laggard?

18th May 2018

The Clearing House has 26 banks signed up, Zelle is gaining 100,000 customers per day and processed $25 billion in 2017. You need to stay competitive in this aggressively changing marketplace. Join ACI Worldwide, JP Morgan, KPMG, NACHA & Vocalink as we discuss the key real-time payments issues facing North American banks & financial institutions....
Real-Time Payments Realisation is here – Are you ready?

18th May 2018

The ECB says that 50% of credit transfers will be real-time within the next five years & Ovum has predicted that ¾ trillion euros in annual retail expenditure will move to instant payments across Europe by 2027. Real-time payments are here and growing fast. Join ACI Worldwide, Barclays, KPMG & Rabobank as we discuss the key real-time payments...
Real-Time Payments – Value Realizations is Here

26th April 2018

As the reach of real-time payments expands, so do value-added capabilities. And when combined with other digital and payment trends such as mobile wallets, open banking, and modern data standards, the possibilities for value realization multiply. Banks and Financial institutions need to understand that the next stage in real-time evolution is...