Case Studies


Case Study: Customer Experience Save at the Buzzer

6th March 2020

Company: DataMotion, Inc.
Challenge: Replace a critical software platform with secure message center functionality integrated via API into a high-volume client services portal - ensuring seamless advisor support, complete access to past messages, no disruption to familiar communications – all while advancing data security compliance. Result: Delivered secure... read more

Improving Investment Advisor Customer Onboarding

4th March 2020

An Investment Advisor firm has required paperwork that needs to be completed when they bring on a new customer. New client onboarding has been considered one of the most stressful things that Investment Advisors and their firms go through. Every company in the industry has invested a lot of time, thought, money and energy into streamlining the... read more

Case Study: The National Bank of Canada Accelerates Deployments at Scale

2nd March 2020

Company: Murex
Murex was proud to contribute to this NBC case study highlighting the benefits of moving MX.3 to the cloud. It underlines how, for numerous Murex projects running at NBC, AWS accelerates deployments at scale, which allows for increased flexibility and scalability. Moreover, this case study highlights the other benefits customers can get by moving... read more

Aite - Impact Assessment on

12th December 2019

Company: Finastra
This report by Aite provides a case study of how Finastra, is actively supporting its open development platform, to create a global technology ecosystem designed to help clients and vendor partners stay ahead of today’s frantic innovation curve and capture revenue growth. read more

Case Study: Tackling Fraud at a Leading Insurer

25th November 2019

How Hastings Direct integrated a number of data sources from aggregators, device partners and source systems to properly understand where risk and collusive behaviours exist with first-parties and third-parties. read more

Testing a Bank's Defences Against a Cyber Heist

22nd November 2019

What happened when a major bank tested how their security would respond to a cyber heist attempt – and how our ethical hackers were able to get total, undetected control of the bank’s network and operations. The result? A thorough understanding of the bank’s vulnerability and prioritised actions to close the security holes. read more

Delaware North Partners with FreedomPay as Commerce Technology Partner

10th September 2019

Company: FreedomPay
Delaware North has partnered with FreedomPay to work with an omnichannel payment provider with a vast ecosystem of POS systems, Property Management Systems and eCommerce applications. FreedomPay’s PCI-Validated Point-to-Point Encryption solution allowed Delaware North to use customer facing devices that protect customer data and deliver the... read more

Success story | Bilfinger's Payments Success

23rd August 2019

Company: BELLIN
How Bilfinger achieved 15% bank fee reduction  30% reduction in processing costs  50% less administrative efforts for account maintenance  100% increase in transparency/visibility and security  100% satisfaction with implementation read more

Success Story | Payments | 1-System Solution for Group-wide Payments

24th June 2019

Company: BELLIN
How Bilfinger replaced 20+ e-banking + treasury systems, standardized payments and saved 15% in bank fees, 30% processing costs, 50% administrative efforts. read more

Success Story | Payments | Efficient, Secure, Cost-effective Payments

24th June 2019

Company: BELLIN
BELLIN client Schuco’s three-pronged solution for international payments: with EBICS, Global XML und Global EBICS to efficient, transparent, secure and cost-effective payment processing in 25 countries using tm5. read more