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eBook: Keeping Pace with Innovation in Real-Time Payments

28th May 2020

Company: ACI Worldwide
How You Can Harness the Evolution of Real-Time Innovation? The pace of change with real-time is fast, and things are only going one way. How do you plan to keep up? The time for banks to start developing their real-time payments capabilities is now and banks who fail to keep pace with real-time innovation risk trapping themselves in market... read more

eBook: Debunking the Myths Around ISO 20022

28th May 2020

Company: ACI Worldwide
ISO 20022 deadlines set by domestic and international regulators are fast approaching. But meeting these deadlines is far from a straightforward process. Most financial institutions are powered by a number of varied and highly customized payment engines, which are difficult to adapt to new standards – and many myths have arisen around how to... read more

eBook Be a Real-Time Payments Native from ACI and Microsoft

28th May 2020

Company: ACI Worldwide
The global tide of real-time payments is coming to the U.S. and getting ahead will be key to driving revenue and maintaining customer loyalty. To speed up your cloud journey and help you exceed consumer expectations, ACI and Microsoft have partnered to launch their insights on Be a Real-Time Payments Native. This exclusive eBook delivers insights... read more

Great Reconciliation Takes more than Automation

8th May 2020

Company: FIS
You must not only run the right reconciliation software, but also examine your whole approach to data integrity. read more

FIS' Q&A - Redefining Reconciliation

8th May 2020

Company: FIS
Learn the benefits of managed reconciliation services and which tasks you can leave to us. read more

Five Steps to Redefining Reconciliation

8th May 2020

Company: FIS
Reconciliation should be simple, smart and reliable. But all too often it’s complex, time-consuming and inconsistent. With data integrity mattering more than ever, follow our tip sheet's path to a fresh modern operating model. read more

The 2020 Data Integrity Index

4th May 2020

Company: FIS
Every journey to total data integrity starts with technology. But for the highest levels of accuracy and automation, you need to support your reconciliation solution. That’s why FIS’ IntelliMatch team regularly monitors the maturity of our clients’ product and service use. With our Data Integrity Index, you can explore our findings, see how... read more

Model Validation Best Practices for Banks

4th May 2020

Company: CompatibL
What is model validation and why is it important for model risk management for banks and financial institutions? read more

Business Continuity Planning: Why Treasury Needs a Plan B

8th April 2020

Company: Kyriba
Treasury is a critical operation within any organization. And while much time is spent by CFOs and Treasurers to design cash, liquidity, and payment structures, time is rarely spent preparing for and prioritizing business objectives in the event of a disruption to treasury or to the business as a whole. read more

The Forrester WaveTM: Digital Wealth Management Platforms, Q1 2020

7th April 2020

Company: Prometeia
Prometeia has been identified as a leader in Digital Wealth Management Platforms by independent research firm Forrester in its Forrester WaveTM: Digital Wealth Management Platforms, Q1 2020. According to the Forrester report, Prometeia has designed a platform that differentiates with its ability to solve wealth management-specific challenges, such... read more