Best Practice


Optimizing Period End GL Balance Sheet Account Reconciliation

30th September 2020

Company: ReconArt, Inc.
Businesses face two very different types of reconciliation. On the one hand there is a need to perform a much more transaction focused, possibly daily (dependent upon volumes), reconciliation, e.g. the bank account reconciliation; on the other there is a need to verify account balances in the general ledger. So why automate you ask yourself? ... read more

Blog: The evolution of UK Faster Payments

28th September 2020

Company: Bottomline
Read Now: The evolution of UK Faster Payments: creating a level playing field for smaller financial institutions In a competitive world of payments modernization the evolution of UK faster payments creates a level playing field for smaller financial institutions. #payments #financialinstitutions #fintech #banking... read more

Enabling Enterprise-class Security in ReconArt

25th September 2020

Company: ReconArt, Inc.
As designers of a world-class enterprise system, ReconArt has always had significant focus on application security. We have purposefully integrated enterprise security best practices in the application to keep access and data secured, while simultaneously keeping configuration and management as simple as possible. read more

Podcast: Payment Modernization: “Are we nearly there yet?”

25th September 2020

Company: Bottomline
This Payments Podcast will focus on payment transformation and the industry’s progress towards building a digital payments ecosystem. Marcus Hughes reviews a wide range of topics, such as: 1.13: COVID’s impact on the world of payments 8.26: ISO 20022 including timetables and main advantages 18.17: Real-time & Cross-border payments 29.20:... read more

Using Behaviour Analytics to Reduce Financial Crime

6th August 2020

Kx for Surveillance is the world’s first integrated platform for consolidated multi-factorial detection and investigation of market abuse, financial crime and fraud. Delivered with a complete library of MAR, eComms and AML models, new models can be added and easily incorporated into the comprehensive alert, workflow and case management... read more

A guide to ramping up banking innovation

24th July 2020

Company: Nucoro
As the world reels from the effects of COVID-19 and the ensuing economic recession, the banking innovation agenda is reshaped once again. Here are some useful tips to help banks navigate the new world. read more

eBook: Build a new future of Real-Time for your National Payments Network

25th June 2020

Company: ACI Worldwide
Building the Foundations of a Real-Time World Build a new future of real-time for your national payments network and see how countries around the world have or are planning to build their foundations for real-time growth. Learn the challenges and the opportunities to propel your payments network into the future and support the increased volumes... read more

Strategic Treasurer Treasury Aggregators Analyst Report 2019

16th June 2020

This special report from Strategic Treasurer will help readers understand what a treasury aggregator (also known as a multibank connectivity provider) is, explain the business case for TAs, identify best practices for selecting and implementing a treasury aggregator solution and integrating it with your backend systems, and provide a review of... read more

Webinar Series: Coping with the Covid-19 crisis and preparing for the next one

3rd June 2020

Company: Planixs
We are producing an on-demand discussion series for treasury professionals addressing the current market conditions amid the Covid-19 crisis and providing insight into how the treasury world will look as we emerge from the pandemic. This series features industry thought-leaders and experts, with a wealth of experience in the banking and treasury... read more

How to Choose the Best Cloud Deployment Model for Your Business

2nd June 2020

Company: CompatibL
Every company has its unique business needs, creating a challenge for cloud services and solutions providers. CompatibL’s overview of cloud deployment models explores their advantages, disadvantages and major trends for 2020-2021. read more