Best Practice

Consolidated Audit Trail Go-Live is Now a Certainty

19th September 2018

Company: Kx
In this first article in a series about the roll out of the SEC’s Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT), Kx Regulatory Reporting Director Adam E. Dix provides an update on the status of the regulation which will improve the ability of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Self-Regulatory Organizations (SRO’s) to more effectively oversee... read more

TRUE STORY - Saving over £250K in bank charges with better cash visibility

11th September 2018

Company: AccessPay
For far too long, organisations of all types have had to ruefully accept that bank fees and charges are part and parcel of monthly operations. For the company in this TRUE STORY, they amounted to a figure approaching a knuckle-biting quarter of a million pounds over the year. That’s money that could go a long way to advancing any business in all... read more

Regulation, Innovation and Digitalisation CDO Survey

7th September 2018

In a survey sponsored by Gresham, WBR Insights surveyed 100 Chief Data Officers across Europe to find out the challenges they are facing as the financial sector grapples with a data revolution and increasingly complex regulatory environments. Get a copy of the full research at the Gresham website read more

FOUR reasons why you should not be using spreadsheets for forecasting

5th September 2018

Company: AccessPay
Cash flow forecasts continue to remain spreadsheet-based in most enterprise organisations. However, with innovative new forecasting technology coming to the fore, can this new breed of tech unsettle the dominance of MS Excel and help treasury and finance professionals overcome the problem of inaccurate data? read more

What's Next for SWIFT gpi and Cross-Border Real-Time Payments?

4th September 2018

Company: ACI Worldwide
Find out why ACI Worldwide and Craig Ramsey think that banks all around the world need to be evolving to SWIFT gpi 2.0. If you are attending the SWIFT Business Forum in New York on the 12th of September you can debate your views face-to-face. Read the article in full today. #SWIFTgpi2.0 read more

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise High-Productivity Application PaaS

23rd August 2018

Company: OutSystems
High-productivity platforms help IT teams get stuff done—period. And now that they support everything from innovative customer applications to re-platforming legacy systems, high-productivity platforms are a must-have part of every CIO’s stack. In this 2018 report, Gartner evaluates 20 vendors and outlines the strengths and cautions that every... read more

See the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile App Development Platforms

21st August 2018

Company: OutSystems
IT leaders need to support an even wider range of digital transformation use cases. Beyond traditional “mobile only” features, the new breed of mobile application development platforms must support: * App diversity including responsive web apps, wearables, and augmented reality * Full-stack, fast development, supporting everything from UX to... read more

FX data analytics are the next arms race

20th August 2018

Company: Kx
The FX market today has a reduced appetite for risk, greater restrictions on the use of capital, and a decrease in trading experience of front office staff at many banks -- all of which are creating a shift in the balance of power of traditional FX liquidity providers. We are now seeing trends that are focused not only on trade execution but also... read more

Understand your data when building data driven enterprise applications

16th August 2018

Company: Kx
In this Q&A, computer industry pundit Dave Thomas, who is also Chief Scientist at Kx, outlines what IT departments should consider when embarking on building large-scale, Big Data enterprise applications. The first challenge is having an understanding of the domain to be able to build useful and efficient models. The second challenge is getting... read more

Data Integrity for MiFID II

8th August 2018

Of all the regulation that has been issued by the pan-European regulatory body, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) since the financial crash, MiFID II looks set to have the greatest impact in terms of investment protection, governance, third country, markets and processing. Are your systems up to the challenge of MiFID II? read more