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High volume transaction data matching - full automation, zero compromise

19th February 2021

Company: ReconArt, Inc.
Automated high volume transaction data matching - simple steps: 1) Prepare your data for matching - transformation & enrichment. 2) Teach ReconArt your business logic - matching criteria and rules creation. 3) Reconcile by your rules - one to one, one to many, many to many, three-way matching relationships. 4) After the matching dust settles -... read more

Two-thirds of Pensions Neglect FX Cost - Financial Times Article

16th February 2021

...a minority of investors appear to want to know whether they are getting good value, some industry groups suggest. FX Transparency, an analytics company, said two-thirds of the 288 pension funds it recently surveyed in North America and Europe “turn a blind eye” to the true cost of currency trades, without probing for a more detailed... read more

Exclusive Survey Results: Two-Thirds of Pension Funds Don't Monitor FX Costs

8th February 2021

A groundbreaking survey of more than 300 asset owners revealed that 66% of those managers in North America and Europe still have no process in place to independently monitor whether they are getting fair FX rates from their global custody banks. read more

The Post-Pandemic Treasury Function – Preparing for the New Normal

2nd February 2021

Company: Planixs
The treasury function has undergone a significant transformation as a result of COVID-19. Actions taken by governments and businesses around the world have changed liquidity positions and funding capabilities of many firms and created new challenges and priorities for banks. Working with our partner, Infor, we address the recent and current market... read more

A payments conversation with Bank of England's Christina Segal-Knowles: Part 2

28th January 2021

Company: Bottomline
Part 2: Marcus Hughes and Christina Segal-Knowles are back for part 2 of the conversation around payments. Part one featured discussions on the pandemic changing the way we pay as consumers and businesses, innovation and financial stability and the future of Stablecoin. In this second part of the in-depth conversation, Christina and Marcus discuss... read more

A payments conversation with Bank of England's Christina Segal-Knowles: Part 1

28th January 2021

Company: Bottomline
Part 1: Marcus Hughes chats to Christina Segal-Knowles, Executive Director for Financial Markets Infrastructure at the Bank of England about Payments in the current landscape. Touching on topics such as: How is the pandemic changing how consumers and businesses pay and get paid? What role does innovation play in financial stability? As well as, how... read more

What is Open Banking?

28th January 2021

Company: Bottomline
Open Banking is a regulatory initiative that forces UK banks to create open interfaces into previously-locked customer accounts and payment systems. The objective is to simplify how financial information is retrieved, shared and presented. Across multiple banks and bank accounts, consumers and businesses are now able to consolidate, view, and... read more

Podcast: Payment Modernization: “Are we nearly there yet?”

28th January 2021

Company: Bottomline
This Payments Podcast will focus on payment transformation and the industry’s progress towards building a digital payments ecosystem. Marcus Hughes reviews a wide range of topics, such as: 1.13: COVID’s impact on the world of payments 8.26: ISO 20022 including timetables and main advantages 18.17: Real-time & Cross-border payments 29.20:... read more

Blog: The evolution of UK Faster Payments

28th January 2021

Company: Bottomline
Read Now: The evolution of UK Faster Payments: creating a level playing field for smaller financial institutions In a competitive world of payments modernization, the evolution of UK faster payments creates a level playing field for smaller financial institutions. #payments #financialinstitutions #fintech #banking #realtimepayments #uk... read more

Virtual Arena Podcast: SWIFT gpi & Universal Confirmations

28th January 2021

Company: Bottomline
Eric Bayle, Head of the UK-based global transaction banking team for Société Générale, and Edward Ireland, Global Solution Lead for Bottomline Technologies, believe ISO 20022 and SWIFT gpi show that interoperability between cross-border payment schemes is not just desirable, but possible. read more