Best Practice

Business Continuity Planning: Why Treasury Needs a Plan B

8th April 2020

Company: Kyriba
Treasury is a critical operation within any organization. And while much time is spent by CFOs and Treasurers to design cash, liquidity, and payment structures, time is rarely spent preparing for and prioritizing business objectives in the event of a disruption to treasury or to the business as a whole. read more

The Forrester WaveTM: Digital Wealth Management Platforms, Q1 2020

7th April 2020

Company: Prometeia
Prometeia has been identified as a leader in Digital Wealth Management Platforms by independent research firm Forrester in its Forrester WaveTM: Digital Wealth Management Platforms, Q1 2020. According to the Forrester report, Prometeia has designed a platform that differentiates with its ability to solve wealth management-specific challenges, such... read more

Cloud Adoption Special Report

2nd April 2020

Company: CompatibL
Learn how CompatibL Technologies enables customers to embrace these technologies by downloading our Cloud Adoption Report, published by Discover how companies can move their enterprise applications to the cloud, how CompatibL can reduce the infrastructure costs of CompatibL Risk Cloud deployment in the AWS and Azure cloud, and how it... read more

COVID-19 Treasury & Finance Resource Center

2nd April 2020

Company: Kyriba
In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, health and business-related fears are at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Kyriba has already activated our Global Crisis and Regional Incident Management teams to ensure consistent monitoring of the spread and impact of the virus in an effort to keep our employees safe and deliver uninterrupted service to... read more

Bank Connectivity Whitepaper

25th March 2020

Company: OpusCapita
Bank Connectivity: The Ultimate Guide Considering the critical importance of bank connectivity, it’s a surprise that many corporations still make do with online banking tools and manual processes for uploading and downloading data. Your company’s bank connectivity solution impacts: The ease and security of your organization’s payments *... read more

How ThreatAdvice vCISO Can Help You Pass Your Next FDIC or OCC Examination

20th March 2020

Company: NXTsoft
ThreatAdvice vCISO can ensure you are prepared for your next FDIC or OCC examination. Check out the memo below to see the new requirements and how ThreatAdvice vCISO addresses them! read more

7 Pitfalls That Can Derail Your Technology Project

12th March 2020

Company: FundCount
The decision to replace an existing family office accounting system or implement technology for the first time requires substantial thought. Many factors must be considered from downtime and budget to the availability of internal resources and divergent opinions of family members. Learn how to avoid potential minefields and ensure the success of... read more

Rule 17a-4 Compliance for Algorithmic Trading and Robo Advising Software

3rd March 2020

Company: 17a-4, llc
We are seeing an increased regulatory focus on the preservation of trading and robo advising algorithms. For instance, if a robo advisor advises a particular purchase, the code behind that recommendation needs to be retained and available if called upon by a regulator. Software developers have systems but often the question as to what code was... read more

Data-Driven Risk Reduction Ebook

28th February 2020

Company: DirectID
Financial institutions calculating customer’s credit risk have long had significant hurdles to clear in order to accurately and proportionately define a customer’s credit risk. This has never been as critical an issue as it is now, with new regulations being brought in, and existing regulations beefed up, to ensure that KYC, AML, fraud,... read more