Best Practice


Managed services: overview of our cloud-based solutions for financial services

9th August 2019

Company: IHS Markit
Find out how we are helping financial firms increase flexibility, boost performance and contain costs by offering many of our software solutions as a managed service. Learn more about our solutions here: read more

Guide | Multilateral Netting | Implementation and Best Practices

7th August 2019

Company: BELLIN
This guide titled: Multilateral Netting Implementation and Best Practices delivers: A step-by-step guide to an ideal multilateral netting implementation workflow Best practices to establishing ideal systems How BELLIN’s tm5 makes the entire process simple and straight-forward read more

Guide | Corporate Payments | How to Establish Optimal Bank Connectivity

7th August 2019

Company: BELLIN
This guide explains the current payment system landscape, connectivity options, and provides an internal connectivity checklist for you to use when reviewing your company’s current landscape. Finally, we explain how to define clear and structured project goals and outcomes. read more

Improving Efficiency In the Reconciliation Investigation Process

29th July 2019

The reconciliation process can become cumbersome when an exception is identified, and the investigation process begins. It is at this moment when different data sources need to be accessed to troubleshoot a break and determine the root cause of an exception. The time and effort taken to open different applications and web pages, sort through the... read more

Four Reasons Why Hedge Funds Should Shadow Their Fund Administrator

29th July 2019

One of the most important responsibilities of the fund administrator is to calculate the fund net asset valuation (NAV). After speaking with several operations professionals across the hedge fund space, we identified four main reasons why an investment manager should shadow their service provider or fund administrator; pricing issues, staffing... read more

How Firms Can Rise Above the SEC’s Issues with Advisory Fee Billing

29th July 2019

It has been about a year since the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced a risk alert that “Most Frequent Advisory Fee and Expense Compliance Issues Identified in Examinations of Investment Advisers.” Such inappropriate fee billing and expense practices may violate the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and the rules implementing it,... read more

Six Huge Risks Investment Managers Take When Using Spreadsheets for Fee Billing

29th July 2019

In the investment management world, financial services teams, CFOs and operations teams often use spreadsheets for client fee calculation and billing. While the endless formulas, worksheet linking, and cross-tab capabilities may make spreadsheets a good choice at first, firms will quickly realize the complexity and risk they end up creating. Here... read more

Practical guide to combatting Authorised Push Payment Fraud

23rd July 2019

Company: AccessPay
Read the only guide that will help protect your organisation from the fastest growing form of fraud. Fraudsters stole over a quarter of a billion pounds as a result of Authorised Push Payment scams in 2018. Out of the total £354.3 million taken, £126 million was lost by non-personal banking customers such as small businesses, large corporates... read more

7 Pitfalls That Can Derail Your Technology Project

23rd July 2019

Company: FundCount
The decision to replace an existing family office accounting system or implement technology for the first time requires substantial thought. Many factors must be considered from downtime and budget to the availability of internal resources and divergent opinions of family members. Learn how to avoid potential minefields and ensure the success of... read more