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3 Ways to Reduce Software Implementation Risks

14th April 2021

Company: FundCount
Any wealth or asset management firm that has undertaken a search for new back-office accounting and investment software knows firsthand how involved the process can be. There is a lot of risk on the line. Learn how to reduce risk, avoid a long and costly procurement process, and improve the long-term success of your project. Read our blog for... read more

What the Volcker Rule Changes Mean for Family Offices

30th March 2021

Company: FundCount
Recent changes to the Volcker Rule provide banks with more flexibility to invest in or sponsor certain activities in hedge funds, private equity funds and family wealth management vehicles – known collectively as “covered funds.” The exclusion of family wealth management vehicles and other funds from the covered fund provisions is clearly... read more

Four Factors that helped hedge funds outperform by 10% or more in 2020

24th March 2021

Company: QUO
From COVID-19 to the historic oil price collapse, 2020 was momentous. In less than six-months, investors dealt with a decade’s worth of volatility. Perhaps now, more than ever, the ability to execute is critical to achieving better risk adjusted returns. Even traditionally safe investments like ETFs have underperformed. Many passive funds have... read more

Bank Reconciliation: Challenges & Solutions

24th March 2021

Company: ReconArt, Inc.
While bank reconciliation is needed and wanted in order to assure control and healthy finances, it is also tedious to a level that often discourages and leaves you drowned in details that obscure the original intent of the whole process. It is a daily routine for thousands of companies and people around the world and a heavily regulated reality for... read more

A complex tasks for amendment RTS on KID approved by ESA

18th March 2021

Until year end 2021 the manufacturers of structured products, OTC derivatives, UCITS funds and AIF are facing a lot of regulatory work. They are required to identify and implement amended regulatory technical standards (RTS) on the key information documents (KID) for packaged retail and insurance-based investment products (PRIIPs) approved by the... read more

Thinking of Asking Your Vendor for a Proof of Value? Think Again

17th March 2021

Company: FundCount
When it comes to purchasing software, it is no secret that companies like to ‘try before they buy.’ As a result, the Proof of Concept (PoC) and Proof of Value (PoV) have become so pervasive in the software selection process that companies routinely request these processes. However, neither option is the best way to assess whether the... read more

The Banks' Digital Journey

14th March 2021

Company: Finmechanics
How can banks build an end-to-end digital solution for corporates capital market trading and liquidity management read more

Finmechanics End-to-End Digitized Trading Workflow for the Capital Markets

13th March 2021

Company: Finmechanics
From the presentation, negotiation and sign-off of any single, or structured financial instrument to automated hedging, settlement and compliance (FRTB, SIMM, SACCR), Finmechanics’ cloud-ready e-Distribution provide financial institutions with a fully automated chain for capital market trading. Supporting large regional banks on an ultra-modern... read more

US State Treasury Reconciliation Use Cases

5th March 2021

Company: ReconArt, Inc.
The managed asset portfolio of each US state treasury is worth billions of USD. The cash position is of similar size. On operational level, the state treasury office takes care of receipts and disbursements. It may redeem, countersign and distribute warrants (check issued for services delivered as part of public procurement) and checks as part of... read more