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Take the 2019 treasury management system survey.  Global treasury management is in a constant state of evolution. Hurdles like FX volatility, regulatory reforms, fraud and shifting market restrictions are causing unprecedented challenges for CFOs and treasurers – limiting financial visibility and slowing efficiencies with clunky and unfamiliar management processes. As a result of those processes, …

by | June 7, 2018

Take the 2019 treasury management system survey. 

Global treasury management is in a constant state of evolution. Hurdles like FX volatility, regulatory reforms, fraud and shifting market restrictions are causing unprecedented challenges for CFOs and treasurers – limiting financial visibility and slowing efficiencies with clunky and unfamiliar management processes. As a result of those processes, Deloitte’s most recent Global Corporate Treasury Survey found that corporate treasury teams are still managing more than 20% of each functional area via spreadsheet.

Those old-fashioned spreadsheets come hand-in-hand with a host of operational risks – which is why it’s crucial companies and financial institutions invest in a comprehensive treasury management solution.

Rapid advances in treasury management (TM) software have created a thriving systems market that caters to virtually every organisation’s needs – from SaaS and cloud-based treasury management services to one-size-fits-all and bespoke solutions. But the market is certainly crowded, and treasury software reviews sometimes hurt more than they help in terms of assisting treasury teams in finding their ideal TM solution.

That’s why we’re collated a list of 10 of the market’s leading treasury management software and solutions, breaking down what they do and why they stand apart from the competition.

SAP S/4HANA Finance

SAP S/4HANA Finance is an ERP financial management and accounting software suite that covers everything from financial planning and analysis to treasury management and collaborative finance operations. It’s an all-in-one treasury management system designed to replace single-serving solutions and tie together transactional, analytical and planning systems for instant financial insights.

Powered by the SAP HANA in-memory database, the software’s TM solution offers accurate cash flow forecasts, and enables CFOs to manage liquidity, integrate cash flows and transactions commodity positions. SAP S/4HANA Finance also features full-view and real-time analysis, audit trails and compliance reporting to help users optimise straight-through processing.

Another key feature is the innovative SAP Cash Management tool, which allows treasury teams to manage global cash positions and liquidity. As you’d expect, it improves efficiencies by removing data replications, reconciliations and redundancies

SAP S/4HANA Finance’s intuitive platform also allows you to create a common view of all financial and operational company data – making it fast and simple to create flexible, automated and easy-to-digest reports that evaluate a range of financial implications and carry out simulations to improve decision-making.

SAP S/4HANA Finance can be deployed on-site or as a cloud-based solution, and is available to test via free trial.

Oracle Treasury

Oracle Treasury is an integrated treasury solution designed as part of Oracle’s E-Business Suite, and is ideal for monitoring currency, interest rate exposures and deal administration and automation. If you’re an existing Oracle client, Oracle Treasury is specially-crafted to sit alongside Oracle Cash Management and Oracle Risk Management to form a single, web-enabled treasury workstation – although it can be integrated with most existing solutions.

Oracle Treasury’s primary USP is its ad-hoc reporting tools, which seamlessly capture operational financial exposures and enterprise-wide cash flows to offer CFOs full visibility over various positions. Meanwhile, the system’s deal capture validation processes streamline treasury operations by minimising errors and providing instant updates upon deal completion. Oracle also offers out-of-box support for financial instruments like derivatives and equities.

Oracle Treasury is an optimal solution for needing to centralise liquidity or operate as an in-house bank to subsidiaries by streamlining the administrative processes for inter-company loans. The system allows subsidiaries to borrow or invest with your in-house bank at interest rates that are reflective of the fair cost of funding. In turn, Oracle Treasury automatically manages each running balance, settles interest and generates reporting and accounting entries.

ABM Cashflow

ABM Cashflow is a treasury management SaaS application that specialises in cash flow management. ABM Cashflow can be integrated with existing accounting or ERP system, but can also work independently to manage a company’s complete cash management cycle.

The TM solution’s reporting functions offer intuitive cash flow structure analysis, as well as flow dynamic analysis and a comprehensive set of payment calendar functions. ABM Cashflow safeguards budget control through its range of request for payment and receipt functions. Users can instantly create money receiving plans, request on payments and remaining balance with adjusted opportunities for a range of specified periods.

Because it’s a SaaS system, there’s no purchase or installation required. You’re only asked to pay for what you use, and free demonstrations are available.


Harnessing the power of Microsoft Azure Cloud, CAPIX offers two multi-user TM software solutions ideally suited to manage either small-to-medium or large corporate treasuries. Both products can be implemented on-premise as a SaaS solution or as part of a cloud-based system – and both are incredibly flexible in terms of functionality.

CAPIX Treasury Manager is an IAS 39 compliant system designed with smaller corporate treasuries in mind. It offers all the cash management, automated deal capture and trading support you’d expect to receive from a TMS – but where CAPIX Treasury Management stands apart is how it permits a multi-user team to monitor treasury functions from anywhere. A user-friendly Windows desktop interface is complimented by a dynamic RemoteApp that’s available on most iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X devices.

Meanwhile, CAPIX Treasury Centre is a TM SaaS solution for larger treasuries. Boasting all the features of its younger brother, CAPIX Treasury Centre goes on to support an unlimited number of users as an enterprise-wide solution that can be accessed via HTML browser, and is available on a per-user, per-month tiered pricing structure.

CAPIX offers a 30-day free trial.

Treasury Line

Treasury Line is a web-smart treasury management system designed to simplify in-house banking and provide firms with an all-encompassing, real-time view of all activity.

Treasury Line’s USP is its centralised dashboard. It’s one of the market’s richest, offering a crystal-clear and easy-to-understand overview of existing exposures. It also reduces transaction costs through its standard automation function, minimises rate risk exposures and enhances treasury security through FX reduction.

Unlike some other TM solutions, Treasury Line isn’t a clunky piece of software. It’s an in-browser system that can be easily integrated with existing IT systems. It’s also EMIR, IAS and FAS compliant, and comes equipped with a range of decision support tools that are easily deployed.


As one of the globe’s largest fintech providers, it’s hardly surprising FIS offers some of the best cash and liquidity management solutions available. Its products are supported by an embedded SWIFT Service bureau, and its two primary treasury management software systems can be deployed on-site, via the cloud or as part of a SaaS system hosted at its ISO-certified and SSAE 16/ISAE4302-audited data centres.

FIS’ Integrity solution is an easy-to-implement SaaS capable of advanced cash positioning and forecasting, account administration, FQ and debt management. Supportive deployment models also help lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

One of Integrity’s USPs is security. FIS provides 100% vulnerability scanning on a weekly basis, and maintains an automated and central repository of activities for all critical IT assets that’s monitored and maintained 24/7 by an incident response team. Integrity also comes with the benefit of managed risk scoring.

FIS’ Quantum is an easy-to-use cloud-based TM solution designed to connect complex treasury departments. Quantum offers a fully responsive and mobile tool capable of front, middle and back-office treasury management that can be easily integrated with accounting systems and offers comprehensive, straight-through processing.

Quantum is ideal for treasuries looking to unite disparate data sources onto a single interface to produce a one-touch view of global cash positions that’s updated in real-time. Meanwhile, Quantum’s fairly sophisticated modelling functionality supports improved decision-making by analysing a range of funding scenarios, currency hedging and interest rate derivatives.


Kyriba is a SaaS treasury management solution that focuses on enhanced connectivity. Kyriba’s cash pooling and in-house banking functions enable users to manage and track multi-currency cash pools, as well as non-cash transactions, to develop an easily digestible snapshot of intercompany positions in real-time.

Kyriba’s multilateral netting module also offers a sophisticated method of calculating net positions to maximise visibility in terms of currency exposures – while its Bank Relationship Management tool includes segregation of duties, FBAR reporting and an integrated module that calculates monthly fee variances to assess bank fee structures.

Like other prominent market offerings, Kyriba’s TM system features comprehensive intercompany loans and FX support modules, as well as an investments module with an intuitive portfolio management system. Yet Kyriba’s biggest selling point is its protection in terms of regulatory compliance.

The system’s accounting centre generates journal entries for every transaction to ensure SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliance. Kyriba also includes redundant disaster recovery and full user encryption.

Kyriba offers free, customisable demonstrations of its SaaS TM solution.


AccessPay’s BankSense platform is a TMS tool that focuses on developing real-time cash visibility through automation. From BankSense’s sleek dashboard, real-time views of automated statement visibility enable group treasuries to expose both short and long balances – helping companies make better-informed decisions about investment.

Generally speaking, BankSense offers all the basic functionality you’d expect from a top TMS. Yet where BankSense truly shines is its connectivity capabilities. Automated connections through SWIFT or Host2Host (H2) instantly link and share transactional information – allowing users to benefit from high-interest sweeping.

BankSense also compiles automated reports to ensure same-day regulatory compliance for applicable jurisdictions. This is particularly ideal for group treasuries looking to meet large exposure limits or capital adequacy requirements.

Salmon Treasurer

Founded in 1985, Salmon Software is one of the treasury management market’s most formidable competitors – and it’s not hard to see why. The Salmon Treasurer TMS system includes a diverse selection of modules designed to support all currencies, facilitate and manage trades and offer real-time revaluations.

Salmon’s netting modules and banking modules enable CFOs to optimise positions across all subsidiaries via Treasurer’s intuitive dashboard – while its Portal offers instant, browser-friendly access to all group treasury activities from any device.

Salmon Treasury offers efficient automated account reconciliation using standardised procedures. Yet Salmon’s biggest USP is its forecasting functionality. Treasurer’s innovative scratch pad module enables a huge range of hypothetical simulations, enhanced liquidity planning and commodities forecasting.


If you’re responsible for large enterprise or bank treasury management, Reval’s scalable SaaS solutions provide all-encompassing functionality that focuses on joining up disparate systems in order to centralise, streamline and automate a wide range of TM processes.

With Reval CHOICE, clients benefit from an intuitive dashboard in which all bank statements and data from payments, trades and third-party providers are automatically integrated to provide a 360-degree snapshot. Multilateral netting functionality and liquidity planning also help CFOs visualise a company’s cash position to support optimised decision-making.

That being said, Reval CHOICE’s top feature is its hedge accounting functionality. Reval’s reporting tools ensure IFRS 7, IFRS 9, FAS and IAS compliance – enabling global firms and their subsidiaries to meet local, regional and global requirements.

Meanwhile, Reval INSIDE is a bank TM solution that’s ideal for financial institutions attempting to circumnavigate the new hurdle Basel III has introduced in terms of Liquidity Coverage Ratio and liquidity risk monitoring.

INSIDE’s functionality allows banks to automate sweeping between accounts, instantly identify investment options based on a range of criteria and monitor detailed compliance reporting. Reval’s Core Balance Manager tool also assists financial institutions in identifying and creating new client incentives.



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