Sibos 2017 Day 2: Seven conference sessions you can't afford to miss

Sibos 2017 is upon us, and whilst there is so much content on offer at the biggest conference in banking this year, there are a number of sessions delegates simply cannot afford to miss. Here are our highlights of Day 2. Breakfast with Sir Tim Berners Lee One of the godfathers of the internet, Sir …

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Sibos 2017 is upon us, and whilst there is so much content on offer at the biggest conference in banking this year, there are a number of sessions delegates simply cannot afford to miss. Here are our highlights of Day 2.

Breakfast with Sir Tim Berners Lee

One of the godfathers of the internet, Sir Tim Berners Lee will be hosting a breakfast briefing alongside Christian Sarafidis, Chief Marketing Officer at SWIFT, to kick off Day Two of Sibos. Expect the conversation to focus on the future of digital banking and the role the development of the internet has to play in financial services’ evolution.

Tues Oct 17 8.30am, Innotribe

Counter terrorist financing – Are we really stopping the bad guys?

The changing political landscape in 2017, particularly the proliferation of terrorism across the globe, is reflected in the key issues affecting financial markets today. Anti-money laundering and terror financing prevention are key priorities on banks’ agendas in 2017, but with this threat changing shape so rapidly it is unclear whether current AML tactics are the correct ones, and how successful efforts have been to this point.

A full panel from the anti-money laundering community will discuss the various threats banks and governments face today, from sophisticated terror organisations attempting to finance operations across the globe to lone wolves seeking to conceal harmful activities from the authorities.

The panel will also address the dilemma created by overly stringent regulations that are pushing legitimate actors out of the banking system, preventing financial inclusion.

Tues Oct 17 9.30am, Conference Room 1

API in financial services: The key to the future?

Digital innovation remains at the forefront of banking strategy, as it has since the since the beginning of the online banking revolution.

But with customer expectation at an all-time high, new strategies to offer services must be implemented. This panel discussion will explore the options that fintech API offer to banks with regards to digital transformation.

Leda Glyptis, Chief Innovation Officer at QNB will moderate a panel that includes Damian Richardson, Head of Payments Strategy and Innovation at NatWest, David Andrzejek, Heading Vertical Solutions for Apigee at Google Cloud, and Saket Sharma, CIO of Treasury Services Technology at BNY Mellon.

Tues Oct 17 9.30am, Conference Room 3

Dodd-Frank is dead! Long live Dodd-Frank!

The Sword of Damocles has hovered above the head of Dodd-Frank seemingly since the metaphorical ink dried on the signature implementing the regulation, but since the inauguration of Donald Trump and the solidifying of a Republican majority in the House and Senate, the unravelling of the post-financial crisis legislation is in sharper focus than ever.

However, is the death of Dodd-Frank as much of a foregone conclusion as most believe? SWIFT Head of Corporate Affairs Natasha de Terán asks Washington insiders Gary DeWaal and Aaron Klein whether the ambitions and intentions of the US’ three power institutions are aligned when it comes to the future of Dodd-Frank, and what a potential lack of harmony on the issue means for the legislation’s future.

Tues Oct 17 2pm, SWIFT Institute

Beyond PSD2, stories from the global Open Bank Project community

Financial services’ preparation for PSD2 has been a focus area for institutions and fintech throughout 2017, as the legislation’s January 2018 implementation date approaches PSD2 will no doubt be a key discussion topic at Sibos 2017.

One of several PSD2-centric sessions at Sibos will take place on Tuesday afternoon, and will focus on the work of the Open Bank Project community. The project’s CEO Simon Redfearn will examine what open banking will mean following the implementation of PSD2, including how regulators and financial institutions outside of Europe are viewing the developments of open banking through PSD2.

Representatives from outside of the EU, but keen proponents of the level of open banking created by PSD2, Leila Fourie, CEO of Australian Payments Network and Dhruva Chitradurga, Head of Wholesale Banking Channels at Emirates NBD, will give their insight and opinion on the future of open banking globally.

Tues Oct 17 2pm, Fintech Theatre

The future of personalisation in banking

Corey Cross, CEO and co-founder of fintech Sensibill, and Tom Pawelkiewicz, Director and Head of Digital Payments at Scotiabank address the growing issue of rapidly increasing customer expectations in the face of global digitisation.

With digital native giants such as Amazon and Google striving to constantly improve online customer experience, banking services are coming under increasing pressure from their customers to provide an equal experience to what they receive in other services.

Fintechs and banks must therefore work together to meet this challenge. Sensibill’s data insight tool, which provides a window of customer insight, is a good example of this as it assists in developing relationship between banks and customers.

Tues Oct 17 2.45pm, FinTech Theatre

Artificial intelligence in plain English

As we rocket towards 2018 there can be little doubt that one of the major buzzwords of this year, if not the most discussed subject in fintech in 2017, is the developing role of AI in financial services. But for all of the discussions surrounding this evolving subject, you can forgiven for much of the fundamentals of AI technology have been buried beneath the buzzworda dn media hype.

In this session Ernst and Young’s Asia-Pacific Fintech Leader James Lloyd will lead a discussion with Clara Durodié, CEO of Cognitive Finance Group, centred on the basics of machine learning and artificial intelligence, and how innovation is already impacting financial services.

Tues Oct 17 3.30pm, Innotribe

Blockchain and payments: Lessons learnt and future prospects

Financial services’ interest in blockchain and distributed ledger technology has certainly continued to increase in 2017, but sceptics of the technology still point to the lack of demonstrable use cases where blockchain fintechs have proven superior to existing systems.

In this crowded panel discussion, CEO of Nuco Inc. Matthew Spoke will guide Shirish Wadivkar, Global Head, Correspondent Banking Products at Standard Chartered, Yuko Kawai, Deputy Director-General, Head of FinTech Center, Payment and Settlement System Department at Bank of Japan, Ivar Wiersma, Head of Innovation Wholesale Banking at ING, Manish Kohli, Managing Director, Global Head of Payments and Receivables at Citi, and Carolyn Wilkins, Senior Deputy Governor at Bank of Canada, through a conversation examining the DLT payments initiatives that have been tested in 2017, in an attempt to answer the question of what role blockchain has to play in the future of crow- border payments.

Tues Oct 17 3.30pm, Conference Room 2



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