Back, middle and front office integration crucial to TMS delivery

For the second year in a row, Calypso Technology has been named the market’s best Treasury Management System in the bobsguide Awards 2020. Chief product and engineering officer Richard Bentley explains why Calypso’s system is at the front of the pack — and what the fintech is doing to expand its offerings further

by | May 24, 2021 | Calypso Technology, Inc.

Over the course of the past 12 months, the global treasury ecosystem has been under immense pressure.

As a consequence of regulatory unsettlement and the market changes corporates have been forced to endure as a result of the pandemic, finance teams have never been in greater need of flexible and comprehensive systems capable of helping their organisations to navigate incredibly fluid market positions.

After much deliberation, the bobsguide awards panel selected Calypso Technology’s integrated treasury solution as the market’s number one treasury management system in 2020.

It was the second consecutive year Calypso has emerged victorious in a particularly competitive category that considers each system’s functionality, the state of technology architecture, the impact on client experience and the position of the system in the marketplace vis-à-vis other vendors.

Prior to Calypso’s treasury management system awards in 2019 and 2020, the provider had already been ranked first in the market for straight-through processing (STP) in the bobsguide Awards 2018.

Yet breaking down the system’s range of offerings, it’s fairly evident why Calypso’s TMS has emerged as a lifeline for treasury teams throughout the pandemic.

“A key differentiator is the true cross-asset class support that we offer for front, middle, and back office workflows, and really that’s the core foundation of the Calypso value proposition,” explains Richard Bentley, Calypso’s chief product and engineering officer.

“We can handle simple, linear FX and fixed income products, through to complex derivatives and structured products, all in a consistent and fully integrated manner. That really provides treasurers with the complete picture of liquidity and funding situations through a single system.”

Having access to a single source of truth has been vital for huge numbers of teams needing to access data and information on positions remotely — and that’s why the applications of Calypso’s TMS genuinely transcend any particular market or business demographic.

The system is currently in use by more than 100 customers across the globe, including sell-side banks, central banks and large corporates.

According to Calypso’s Richard Bentley, in addition to its breadth of functionality and cross-asset class support, steady demand for the product has also been driven by the provider’s unprecedented volume of available automations.

“We provide at the heart a powerful workflow and a workflow design tool which delivers very high levels of automation and straight-through processing — from trade booking through to back office operations,” he says.

“So what we offer our customers is a near zero-touch experience coupled with powerful tools to notify and handle exceptions. The net of that is we increase the scalability of treasury operations, eliminate errors and improve timeliness and accuracy of data — whether that’s position, trade or risk analytics.”

Yet as government health restrictions begin to fade and many sectors return to a so-called ‘new normal’, a fresh phase of market fluidity will undeniably generate demand for adapted and heightened functionality which will ensure treasury teams find and capitalise on new opportunities.

Fortunately, Calypso has already moved to extend its offerings further still to provide finance teams with dynamic tools that will help them get the job done — including the recent launch of a new funds transfer pricing (FTP) module.

“If we look at treasury in particular, it’s one of Calypso’s key focus areas. We’ve been building our capabilities for more than 20 years,” says Bentley.

“But we’re not standing still, either. We’re continuing to innovate and continually extend the scope of that coverage.”



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