30 asset management software and solutions to watch in 2018

bobsguide brings you some of the asset management solutions to look out for this year 1. FinchTech is a white label platform from TAM Asset Management. It’s a non-advised digital asset management system, designed to engage dormant clients lost to the Retail Distribution Review, while simultaneously enabling IFAs to compete with the growing threat of low …

by | February 15, 2018 | bobsguide

bobsguide brings you some of the asset management solutions to look out for this year

1. FinchTech is a white label platform from TAM Asset Management. It’s a non-advised digital asset management system, designed to engage dormant clients lost to the Retail Distribution Review, while simultaneously enabling IFAs to compete with the growing threat of low cost robo-advice.

2. Squirro for Corporate Financial Services is an asset management solution from AI firm Squirro that takes data from the likes of news feeds, social media, earnings call transcripts, CRM platforms, email and call notes, adding structure to that data to provide asset managers with a comprehensive understanding of what their clients are doing and alerting them to potential new deals or leads.

3. Schroders Singapore recently launched a beta version of a Facebook Messenger chatbot, an asset management solution which enables asset managers to better engage with their clients. Schroders GO was built in partnership with startup, pand.ai, and launched in collaboration with distribution partners Citi, UOB, Income and Synergy Financial Advisers. It is expected to be publicly available in early 2018.

4. InvestCloud’s mass automation solution, Neon, was developed to relieve the workload on investment operations, allowing managers and advisors to focus on serving client needs. It supports the real-time processing of equities, bonds and funds via a modular set of front-, middle- and back-office apps, allowing businesses to increase automation and reduce costs. It is multi-lingual and multi-currency and is supported by InvestCloud’s Digital Warehouse, which aggregates thousands of internal and external data points (i.e. portfolio information to market data and social media feeds).

5. MX.3 for Investment Management from Murex is a fully integrated front-to-back-to-risk solution that manages positions, risk, cash and security inventories in real-time. It offers advanced analytics and position management, portfolio management software, treasury and risk management in a cross-asset platform (Fixed Income, FX and FX Derivatives, Equity and Equity Derivatives, Hybrids and Commodities, Funds and fund-of-funds). 

6. Quantifi’s Portfolio Management Solution (PMS) is an integrated platform that delivers cross-asset trading, front-to-back operations, position management, market, credit, counterparty and liquidity risk management, margining, and reporting. It is designed to provide asset managers with a competitive edge by enhancing transparency, strengthening risk control and oversight, and reducing operational risk of front-to-back office functions. As well as supporting the likes of Solvency ll EMIR, AIFMD, MiFID II, and CRD4, Quantifi also addresses operational challenges with real-time links to fund administrators, prime brokers as well as automated data integration and reconciliation.

7. When MiFID II came into practice on 3rd January, it stipulated that asset managers must separate research from execution in a bid to make costs more transparent to end customers. Alphametry’s asset management technology makes investment research easier to use, opens up new sources of expertise for asset managers and generates new business possibilities for providers.

8. FundCount’s asset management software solution provides partnership, portfolio and general ledger accounting functionality on a single integrated platform. It solves asset managers’ key challenges by: supporting the complex accounting, reporting and investment analysis requirements of hedge funds, private equity, fund administrators and other industry groups; delivering fast, flexible reporting that can be customised to client needs in minutes; providing accounting and analytics for all public securities and private investment types.

9. FIS’ Asset Management Ecosystem enables asset managers and servicers to manage multi-asset strategies, meet regulatory requirements and support performance objectives, while providing the savings and security of the cloud. FIS also gives asset managers and fund services clients the opportunity to outsource many of their administrative functions. “This enables firms to gain major operational efficiencies in a safe, secure software as a service, hosted environment and concentrate on their core business activities. We are proud to say that 75% of clients of our fund accounting, administration and reporting solution are early adopters of this innovative deployment model – opting to consume the solution through the secure FIS cloud,” the company says.

10. The Crealogix Digital Banking Hub provides an architecture for Open Banking – online, mobile, or in direct contact with an advisor. The Hub combines the latest digital banking technology with modules for proactive customer support. The solution enables financial institutions to integrate innovations using a API-based architecture, and makes them well equipped for the requirements of PSD2.

11. Profile Software offers the Axia asset management solution. This is an omnichannel wealth/asset management solution built on cloud technology that can be white labelled or customised to accommodate more dedicated and personalised client relationships. Profile Software says that Axia’s users have increased over the past year as the solution “offers an out-of-the-box dashboard with numerous panels, layouts, widgets, client onboarding, CRM, advisory tools, portfolio and document management, financial planning and robo-advisory functionalities.”

12. DST Systems’ outsourcing and technology capabilities help asset managers transform their operations and customer engagement models to gain improved financial and business outcomes. The company delivers multi-channel services to distributors/intermediaries, institutions and retail customers on behalf of their clients, supported by a suite of integrated and scalable technologies. Across front, middle and back office environments, DST connects processes and operations with data and analytics. Digital interfaces and intelligent process management capabilities connect internal and third party applications to core processing technologies, helping drive automation, promote efficiency and standardise service models.

13. Asset managers are a salient target for cyber criminals due to the large funds they have control of and the quantity of the information they deal with. 

skwiid is Cyber adAPT’s platform, designed to locate and identify cyber security breaches as soon as they enter a network. skwiid analyses all assets within a manager's network, helping CISOs prioritise tasks by managing multiple probes from a single management console.

14. The costs associated with aggregating, cleansing, enriching and comparing data across multiple vendors are costly and not competitively differentiating. Broadridge sought to provide an alternative asset management solution and the result is its Managed Data Services (BMDS) offering that allows it to mutualise the costs of aggregating and addressing data discrepancies. Broadridge is delivering a cleansed, golden copy reference data from multiple data vendors into a single client database that is secure and ensures full compliance with data licences. The enterprise multi-tenant model has been designed to support open integration, enable integration across clients’ applications and the deployment preferences of clients and the needs of partners who offer this solution to their clients.  

15. Veracen recently entered into a co-development, co-marketing and collaboration agreement with Linedata Services, covering end-to-end financial technology solutions, co-marketing, and branding in Europe, Asia, and the United States with support, client customisation, wrap around services, installation, and training.

The Veracen technology solutions, powered by Linedata’s financial application platform, are designed to be a complete and fully integrated set of applications for institutional investors worldwide. These include customised portfolio management tools and analytics, incorporating a unified data set from the investment decision through to performance and risk analytics, as well as the tracking of third party managed accounts in a single unified control environment.

16. Temenos recently announced that its wealth management software, WealthSuite, had been selected by Itau, with Latin America’s largest banking group stating that the technology platform will enrich the customer experience, reduce time to market for new products, and allow key international offices to automate front, middle and back office functions.

17. The Comarch Asset Management system is targeted at investment and pension funds, asset managers and insurance companies. It supports the processes of asset management, fund valuation and bookkeeping, as well as portfolio risk and performance measurement and regulatory reporting.

18. Calastone is a global funds transaction network, connecting over 1,400 financial organisations across 34 markets and processing over £85 billion of trades each month. In June 2017, Calastone announced the completion of a pilot to bring the ecosystem onto a blockchain, via its proprietary distributed market infrastructure (DMI). The vision is to use the technology to create a common global marketplace for the trading and settlement of mutual funds, creating operational and cost efficiencies for all. In 2019 its core network will migrate entirely onto the new blockchain infrastructure.

19. Guardtime and Metaco have launched a cryptocurrency asset management solution, Silo, pitched as a way to safely store assets, with a particular focus on the banking sector. Mike Gault, CEO, Guardtime, comments: “Cryptocurrencies are an important new asset class demanding highly specialist, secure technology. By combining our experience and expertise with that of Metaco, together we have developed the most secure cryptocurrency platform on the market.”

20. UOB Asset Management has launched UOBAM Invest, Singapore’s first digital advisory service for companies to manage their discretionary investments in the fund house’s proposed portfolio solutions. It is offered exclusively to United Overseas Bank’s (UOB) Commercial Banking clients and will be offered to the bank’s other corporate clients, as well as to retail investors and across UOBAM’s network in Asia, in subsequent phases.

21. Investment Management System (IMS) from Isis Financial Systems is a portfolio management and accounting solution for asset managers, mutual funds, insurance companies and pension plans. By integrating the front, middle and back office operations into one solution, Isis Financial Systems says that it can improve an organisation's business performance while lowering total cost of ownership.

22. Bipsync Research Management System (RMS) is a specific solution delivered for the Alternative Investment industry. Combining easy to use note-taking and organisation tools with a powerful automation engine, Bipsync assists asset managers in allowing the research process to be smarter, faster, and more consistent.

23. Sonata is Bravura Solutions’ next generation wealth management administration software. It is an advanced and functionally rich application that offers an integrated solution for life insurance, superannuation, pensions and investment administration using modern technology.

24. GFT delivers industry leading asset management software globally. Solutions developed for capital markets include regulatory compliance, risk management, and operational efficiency. GFT is a leading supplier in collateral optimisation, data aggregation, MNPI, compliance risk, business intelligence platforms, and managing Big Data.

25. Objectway Wealth in One is a fully hosted front-to back-office wealth management solution offering omni-channel access, portfolio management, client reporting, management reporting, investment execution, compliance, investment management, and clearing and settlement. Objectway offers a single business model that covers a business’ needs in one coherent and consistent solution, with a single coherent and certified data model across the solution.

26. To help efficiently manage investment tasks in one consolidated system, SimCorp Dimension is a seamless integrated multi-asset class system, offering highly automated workflows for all instruments and covering the full investment value chain from front to back. The system is made up of modular components and a built-in IBOR, providing a complete overview of transactions and positions for holdings and tax lots. SimCorp Dimension serves 180 investment managers worldwide, with a dedicated front office suite, including SimCorp’s Order, Compliance and Asset Manager, middle office suite with collateral, performance and risk management through to back office accounting, with Simcorp’s Investment Accounting Manager, including preliminary P&L.

27. StatPro’s attribution module has been developed in cooperation with bond experts and asset managers internationally. It offers superior models to better reflect and explain the performance of fixed income products. It has a highly flexible interface allows for easy identification of risk factors that determine bond level performance. The system also enables clients to assess the skills of management to provide added value relative to a benchmark.

28. Calypso Capital Markets provides a comprehensive cross-asset front-to-back solution for trading, risk management, processing and accounting – all on a single platform. Calypso’s real-time multi-tiered open architecture delivers low-latency high-performance straight-through processing across all assets classes for both cleared and bilateral trades.

29. Torstone’s modern, award-winning Inferno technology enables global financial firms to reduce costs, achieve greater operational efficiency, drive revenue growth and minimise risk. Inferno is a post-trade processing platform for multiple asset-classes which integrates middle-office, back-office, compliance, treasury and accounting functions or can be provided as standalone modules.

30. The PFTPro enterprise advisory platform developed by Prometeia is the expression of the unique WealthTech approach, uniting advanced methodology, process and technology in the service of business objectives. Its modules may be freely combined to deliver specific functionalities, and together guarantee complete coverage of advisory processes and workflows. This approach permits the construction of wealth management solutions which are distinctive, innovative, efficient, fully governable, and able to reconcile commercial objectives with regulatory constraints while improving service quality.



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