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NXTsoft Partner Spotlight: Meet FIPCO

The continually evolving threats that are faced by financial institutions represent challenges that must be recognized beyond simply meeting examiners' needs or being compliant. Improving information (i.e. cyber) security is not just about spending on new technologies; it’s finding the right partner that can help you build a program that allows for continuous improvement. The global security incidents that happen with regularity illustrate that doing the basics right has never been more important. Organizations must establish a resilient security posture that is proactive and meet both the needs of the examiner, and the needs of the business by addressing basic security and risk related hygiene elements.

FIPCO offers a consultative approach to your information technology auditing that minimizes the amount of staff interruption while providing an extensive and broad scope of review. Our auditors provide that independent view of your computing environment to meet regulations, as well as examiner wants and needs. But they don’t stop there, our auditors go above and beyond to help you understand why there is a need for improvements, extending their help past simply delivering an executive summary for management.

FIPCO’s InfoSec and Audit team works with you to identify improvements in your information security program and computing environment to meet the concerns that may be raised by examiners – or worse, may be exploited by malicious entities resulting in losses. With a proactive approach to risk management, we can offer your organization professional guidance in numerous ways. While meeting examiner expectations and industry standards, FIPCO services can be customized to your unique
situation. We combine our experience with industry best practices to deliver actionable results that you can be confident in.

In the last two years alone, the financial services industry has changed more than at any time in FIPCO’s rich, 30-year history. And it’s not just regulatory mandates, compliance challenges and underwriting standards that have changed. Technology has evolved. Customer expectations have grown. Competition seems to pop up on a new corner every month.

Now more than ever, financial institutions take comfort in the steady, meticulous, proven products and services that have earned FIPCO (Financial Institution Products Corporation®) its reputation as a trusted leader in not just information security services, but also form sets, credit and deposit software suites, staff training and compliance management.

Our job is to stay up-to-the-minute on the issues that impact our clients’ operation – not just in Wisconsin, but across the country. That diligence means you can be confident that our products are compliant, our technology is current and our consulting services are timely and impactful.

For more information visit or call 800-722-3498.