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Janina Becker
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Jabatix turns legacy issues into present and future successes

Luxembourg, 26. July 2021 – Jabatix, the state-of-the-art cloud banking platform, is pleased with the successful and quick implementation of its lending solution at a renowned banking group headquartered in the D-A-CH region with primary focus on retail and corporate business.

In order to cover the various processes around private and corporate loan applications, approvals, and settlements, this banking group had been using several different systems, running in parallel, for decades. Loaded with MS Excel and MS Access based tools and requiring a lot of manual interventions in order to fill gaps and carry out checks, all of them needed to be operated individually. Needless to say, that any reporting was a nightmare as well.

Georg Sauberer, Managing Director at FERNBACH is pleased with their decision: “As a consequence, they took the decision to screen the market searching for a state-of-the-art technology platform that is modular and capable of covering the whole lending lifecycle front-to-back, providing an open architecture and components (MicroServices/RESTful) – allowing for full flexibility and less overall dependencies. Other key criteria included the availability of professional tools for parameterisation and multi-company capabilities along with MIS and the technical know-how of an experienced partner with a proven track-record of successfully handling comparable customer situations with regard to project duration and costs. Most importantly, they wanted to increase the overall customer satisfaction and reclaim their position as a market leader. For that matter, they realised that ongoing adaption to ever-changing market trends and requirements as well as the possibility to introduce new products and services is key. In the selection process, Jabatix turned out to be the best choice, a solution that precisely met the banking group's requirements.”
Futhermore, in the very beginning, this particular banking group was only interested in an all-channel application process, they quickly realised that Jabatix is best suited for a much broader deployment, as it is designed to cover the entire process chain, including Loan Origination, Life Cycle Management, Account Processing, Financial Accounting, Bank Capital Management, Regulatory Reporting and Business Optimisation.

One of our customer’s MD explained: “One of the main requirements for the new lending system was that the operating system should place no restrictions on the development of new, market-oriented products. Jabatix enables us to quickly develop the products that we want to market and that the customers need.”

About Jabatix
Jabatix is the state-of-the-art cloud banking platform. A SaaS platform for financial operation. Jabatix offers a scalable, secure cloud-native technology, thus providing you with a future-proof architecture fully focused on the topics of finance & risk management, including reporting in accordance with IFRS, Finrep and Corep standards. This future-proof technology supports you in your development operations – and enables you to stay ahead of the competition Our clear focus centres on quick and easy configuration and integration rather than tedious implementation processes. Benefit from all the advantages cloud computing provides in comparison to conventional on-site deployment. Business agility can be sustained and continuous improvements guaranteed and quickly implemented if and when required. Ease of use and speed are our main priority: Fully documented self-service environment with simple API. Your software development has never been faster than with Jabatix.

Janina Becker | Marketing Manager
Jabatix S.A.
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