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ReconArt is expanding its presence on the African market in the first half of 2020

ReconArt is delighted to announce that the expansion of our client and partner community in the African continent advanced steadily in the first half of 2020. Despite the complicated pandemic situation globally, the digital transformation of business operations remains a consistent priority for our Sub-Saharan customers. ReconArt is proud to support those efforts in the reconciliation space, where our company has been among the market leaders in the past decade.

Our customers come from traditionally strong verticals in our portfolio - the retail, e-payments, money transfer, and financial services businesses, which in regional perspective exhibit a robust growth and a strong competitive edge. They have established a solid footprint in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, and Mauritius and have both the ambition and the capacity to spread out in other countries across the Sub-Saharan region – a vast and dynamic market with young population embracing technology innovations.

Our new clients and partners in Africa are determined to acknowledge those trends and ReconArt is eager to assist them with extensive expertise in data reconciliation automation. ReconArt makes a perfect fit for automated matching and processing of large transaction volumes in complex matching scenarios – the specific challenges our clients typically face. They now benefit from considerable time savings and efficiency enhancements that are aligned with their vision for growth acceleration and operational flexibility.

ReconArt is a single solution technology company solely dedicated to the niche reconciliation space. We offer an enterprise class fully web-based solution designed for end-to-end automation and management of all data reconciliation processes. Our platform incorporates a decade of professional experience in the field and good practices serving a global client base of all verticals and sizes.

The ReconArt partnership program provides a variety of collaboration alternatives for technology vendors, system integrators, providers of outsourced financial services, and business consultant aimed at value-added solution offering and client-centered synergy.

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