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ReconArt has launched an entirely redesigned corporate website

The ReconArt website has undergone a thorough redesign aimed at visual refreshment, navigation optimization, and content augmentation. The initiative is part of the ReconArt’s ongoing effort to bolster our online presence and engage the prospective customer and partner community.

The inner pages have been restructured to arrange the information more intuitively and declutter the space. The content has been reworked towards more concise and straightforward messages to highlight the relevant points, and accommodate a hassle-free product discovery. For instance, the Solution page drills down deeper into solution use cases, capabilities and benefits. The Case Studies section, which presents our varied customer portfolio, now allows for a preview of the topics at a glance and classification by implementation focus or industry.

All pages have been overhauled for a more elegant and relaxed feel. Fresh imagery and beautiful graphic elements have been added. The visual concept revolves around a simple and clear layout with soft color tones and unifying themes.

To guarantee user-friendly experience for our audience, a special attention is paid to navigation improvements – fewer clicks to reach the desired destination, quick access to related topics, less scrolling and no “dead ends”. The newly installed Blog search field can produce article suggestions from a drop-down menu of broader topics or key words selected. The Contact form has been slightly modified for better responsiveness. Also, the website has been further adapted for different devices – mobile or desktop – and different web browsers.

The Pricing page reaffirms our commitment to stay transparent and open about commercial terms upfront with clearly defined product editions. 

ReconArt is a single solution technology company solely dedicated to the niche reconciliation space. We offer an enterprise class fully web-based solution designed for end-to-end automation and management of all data reconciliation processes. Our platform incorporates a decade of professional experience in the field and good practices serving a global client base of all verticals and sizes.

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