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Newly Released: DirectID Mini-Documentary Produced by BBC StoryWorks.

Last year, DirectID were approached by Innovate Finance and BBC Storyworks to contribute to the ‘Innovation in Finance’ mini-documentary series. The films in the project dive deep into the world of FinTech, highlighting the stories of businesses who are empowering consumers and developing a better world through technological solutions.

Among various other topics, the mini-documentaries examine the relationship between FinTech and traditional institutions, highlighting how the UK has carved out a place as a global leader in the space, making it the go-to destination to build cutting edge technology. These FinTechs, or financial technology companies, are transforming the way people interact with financial services, and Scotland is at the heart of this change.

The film showcases DirectID, an Open Banking FinTech who are leading from the front, and why Scotland provides the perfect environment for a FinTech like us to build, grow and thrive.

Watch the 4 minute film here: