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Prometeia Turkey expands offer with new Data Science team

Prometeia Turkey expands its expertise with a data science team targeting many different sectors, with a main focus in financial sector companies. It will do so thanks to a newly established local seasoned staff of AI and business experts – led by Seçil Arslan, joining Prometeia after seven years at Yapı Kredi’s R&D team – that have applied AI experience and will provide fast delivery of end-to-end custom AI solutions that enable the digitalization of business workflows, supported by the Data Science competence centre in Italy.

As Artificial Intelligence and Data Science techniques empower companies in their digital transformation and growth roadmaps, Prometeia intends to support this dramatic transformation in the Turkish and Middle East markets.

Our Data Science team in Turkey aims to bring innovational AI technologies and data science solutions together with the following five main capabilities:

- AI focused business digitalization consultancy. Supporting our customers in the digitalization of their traditional workflows thanks to cutting-edge machine learning, natural language processing and deep learning technologies.

- Custom AI-based solutions. Although an increasing number of available AI capabilities has dramatically reduced the development time of AI solutions, custom development requirements still exist. We support our customers on each domain specific problem requiring custom development of divergent and mostly hybrid combination of AI technologies.

- AI trainings at technical, business unit, executive levels. Our role is to extend the know-how and create awareness on data science and advanced analytics technologies at different levels of technical and business experts and executive managers.

- Dissemination of Prometeia’s global analytical solutions. Prometeia has a strong background and experience in the field of data science for insurance companies and banks. Our mission is to disseminate this expertise to the Middle East and Turkish markets.

- AI-based assets. Main goal of the novel data science team is to develop AI-based assets that are ready to deploy and integrate to our customers’ business workflows.

To learn more about Prometeia Turkey’s new offering in Data Science and AI:

Seçil Arslan, [email protected]
Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Computer Engineering department of Middle East Technical University, Seçil Arslan completed her EMBA at Koç University in 2016. After 9 years in air defense and national ship projects, she joined Yapı Kredi’s R&D team in 2013, where she worked as project engineer, Head of R&D and Director of Applied AI and R&D respectively. She was responsible for the management of the bank’s digitalization and automation projects geared towards various business domains utilizing forecasting, optimization and mainly machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing. In Prometeia she has the responsibility of establishing the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence team at Prometeia Turkey and managing data science projects in many different sectors, especially the financial sector.