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The Prometeia new CRM business line promise

The digital transformation, the rise of the new fintech competitors along with the legislative changes represent both an opportunity and a necessity to innovate the marketing processes of banks and insurance companies.

This evolution requires them to develop an omnichannel and data-driven approach to Customer Relationship Management, that is designed to shift its focus of action to the customers, allowing them to get a flexible access to services in accordance to their preferences and needs.

Better marketing solutions based on analytics have many advantages: first and foremost, increased sales.

All the more so at the time of Covid-19, finding innovative alternatives is not just a "nice to have", but a survival move: finding the right customers at the right time, contacting them in the right way.

With the new CRM business line, Prometeia aims to support the entire range of needs related to the digital transformation of its customers' marketing.

The CRM Business Line brings together competences of data scientists in advanced analytics and AI, with a solid expertise in the marketing field as well as in several successful digital transformation projects carried out in collaboration with some of the major banks and insurances in Italy.

Our CRM team at Prometeia is able to support the acquisition of a competitive advantage through an integrated end-to-end offering, structured along three main components:

- Use of advanced analytics and Machine Learning in order to produce CRM insights. Structuring and getting value from the internal customer database are only the first steps, since these types of data have the potential to be enriched with external sources.

- Boost of the Omnichannel engagement approach in order to shift towards an event-based marketing in (near) real time. The possibility of using a data-driven approach combined with business expertise enables to plan and implement successful customer journeys, both in terms of expected business results and increase in customers’ loyalty, thanks to a focused and yet ongoing dialogue.

- Design of a fully-integrated marketing automation architecture. Our role is to support institutions throughout the structural macro-interventions necessary to obtain such an architecture: from the definition of the requirements, business and IT processes, as well as the design of the input of this architecture, i.e. a data model that enables the test and development of analytics.

To learn more about Prometeia's new offering in Customer Relationship Management for banks and insurance companies:

Maddalena Amoruso, Head of Data Science, [email protected]
Paolo Zagaria, Head of CRM business line, [email protected]