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Alphalion and Euromoney TRADEDATA join forces

Hong Kong based technology provider Alphalion, strikes derivatives data deal with Euromoney TRADEDATA.

Today, Hong Kong based Alphalion, a supplier of innovative technology to the capital markets financial sectors, confirmed its strategic partnership with Euromoney TRADEDATA, who will provide reference data sets for Alphalion’s derivatives platform. Euromoney TRADEDATA’s core reference data sets have been integrated within the Alphalion middle and back office platform and can be permissioned for each new Alphalion client, with a range of licensing options available to reflect intended use.

Euromoney TRADEDATA’s powerful community data model will be further enhanced through this strategic alliance with Alphalion. Alphalion’s platform provides a full and cohesive solution, where the onboarding process can be expedited, is cost effective operationally, while requiring minimal infrastructure and technology resources of its clients. Its aim is to challenge, disrupt and innovate the industry and help forge a new methodology, catering for the industries fast paced and ever-changing future.

In a statement, Managing Director of Euromoney TRADEDATA, Mark Woolfenden, said "I am delighted to confirm this strategic partnership with Alphalion, which is a result of many months of robust due diligence by teams of both parties, which successfully concluded this month. Alphalion’s ambitions to shake up the existing marketplace for capital markets technology, initially focusing on the Asian market, fits perfectly with Euromoney TRADEDATA’s plans to grow its reference data business in the region”.

Alphalion’s CEO, Lou Wang, said “We are pleased to partner with Euromoney TRADEDATA. Asia is a fast-growing market where we see great demands for innovative products – Euromoney’s data model will empower our client with comprehensive and reliable data sources, enabling them to achieve higher degree of automation of their operational process through Alphalion’s next-generation middle and back office platforms.”


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Mark Woolfenden, Managing Director, Euromoney TRADEDATA
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About Euromoney TRADEDATA

Euromoney TRADEDATA provides an aggregation service for the global exchange traded derivatives. Recognised as the specialists and innovators in the futures and options market, we are now aiming to become innovators in other asset markets. The up to date market data we provide is essential for accurate and timely settlement of trades without the additional overheads of collating, validating and maintaining in-house data.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer highly customised data feeds to integrate with any client application whether proprietary or vendor based.
We supply instrument data for over 80,000 contracts on over 110+ exchanges and are the reference data solution of choice for the world’s top tier financial organisations, exchanges and regulators.

For more information about Euromoney TRADEDATA and our solutions visit:

About Alphalion Technology

Alphalion is an innovator and disruptor in Financial Services industry striving to modernize the capital markets system infrastructure, an outdated yet critical part of the Financial services fabric.

Consisting of streamlined workflows, Alphalion’s platform is cloud native, cross asset, flexible, service oriented, and highly performant in real-time. It gives capital market clients unparalleled performance and best-in-class user experience, while empowering them to scale business, achieve next level of operational and capital efficiency.

For more information about Alphalion Technology and our solutions visit: