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Taking a look back at 2019


From the delicious coffee booth we sponsored to the engaging conversations we struck up with banks and financial organisations, there were loads of highlights from #ATMEurope2019 and #BT19, but here are a few of our favourites.

As a leading European supplier of technological solutions for the omnichannel banking and payments, Auriga couldn’t possibly miss the annual conferences: Europe 2019 ATM & Payments Innovation Summit (#ATMEurope2019) and RBR Branch Transformation (#BT19) in London. Both were a fantastic opportunity to showcase Auriga’s next generation banking solutions and discuss how our ATM, ASD, and kiosk innovations are digitally transforming our customers’ business.

At #ATMEurope2019 we introduced our client, Luca Nardi, at Poste Italiane’s keynote on the topic of ‘Access to Cash’, and our role in providing communities with good accessibility to financial services. And at #BT19 we kicked off a presentation by Alberto Epis, UBI Banca, who presented how the bank has successfully implemented automation and technological innovation in its branches.


These case studies are excellent examples of how innovative technology can help financial services providers better understand customer behaviour, create successful loyalty programs, and drive increased customer retention. We demonstrated how banks can exploit predictive analysis and make effective use of data from branches, channels, and customers; for example, by using it to offer greater personalisation and ultimately help them to make better business decisions.

At both events a key topic of discussion was the declining use of cash in many countries worldwide, and how we are seeing more and more bank branches and free-to-use ATMs being closed as a result of this trend, leaving many communities in rural and remote areas financially isolated.

Auriga stressed how branches will remain a fundamental channel for bank customers and noted that access to financial services doesn’t have to be limited. Both events gave us the chance to encourage and empower banks and financial institutions that operate ATMs to do so in a smart and cost-effective way that appeals to consumers.

By demonstrating our various solutions from WWS BRANCH to WWS AI, we showed how banks can improve access to financial services and the overall customer experience – both by perfecting the integration of various banking channels and leveraging automation to improve internal processes, while reducing errors and accelerating results.

We chatted about current banking trends with visitors at both events -in more than one conversation we discussed how bank branches are being steadily transformed from traditional service models to highly automated centres of business. We pointed out how simple it can be for banks to leverage cutting-edge solutions, such as Auriga’s WWS suite, in today’s market to assist branch staff in managing the changing demands of customers and enhance the customer experience.


Auriga also talked about how new technologies are enabling banks to exploit the power of data analytics to allow financial institutions to provide an enhanced customer journey. As an example, we developed WWS AI to exploit the bank’s wealth of data to provide insight on the churn rate of each customer and their satisfaction levels.

Deep learning’s module can also optimise cash flow in each of the bank’s branches, cashpoints, as well as vaults so that cash is readily available. The use of artificial intelligence in banking will help bank managers to toil away simple tasks and instead use the data they have on existing and potential customers to focus on delivering an improved banking experience.

The main takeaway from #ATMEurope2019 and #BT19 however was that financial services need to embrace omnichannel banking and a branch transformation strategy, to provide a seamless and consistent interaction with customers across multiple channels. This allows them to make the banking experience more personalised rather than transactional. Similarly, businesses can combat the rapid decline in the access to cash by making the most out of banking technology at branches and investing in new technologies without exceeding the allocated IT budget.

For instance, video banking is a cost-effective service that empowers banks to boost operational efficiency and augment customer loyalty, customer engagement, satisfaction, and sales. This technology is particularly useful in rural areas as banks can accommodate customers remotely via a central teller. This way banks ensure financial inclusion and availability of services even in lower populated areas, while responding to market challenges by focusing on technological, process and service innovation.

We had a brilliant time at #ATMEurope2019 and #BT19 and can’t wait to do it all again!