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Tranquility Base – A new open source, multi-cloud Datacenter as Code (DaC) capability

Tranquility Base lands at Google Cloud Next ‘19 in London. At Google Cloud Next, GFT is hosting the first public showing of Tranquility Base – a vendor agnostic open source initiative which delivers a full multi-cloud datacenter written in code (Datacenter as Code [DaC]). DaC fully automates the numerous manually intensive infrastructure and application setup tasks, delivered through a feature-rich self-service portal. Approved and regulatory-compliant activators, based on DevOps-ready application reference architectures can be deployed from the developer portal - often by a single click.

Tranquility Base provides users with the ability to deploy all infrastructure and applications as integrated coded modules written in Terraform. It delivers ease-of-use and fast-track cloud deployment capabilities which have never been seen before. Supporting all of the major cloud service providers (CSPs), it enables full compliance, consistency and replicability across any organisation.

Tranquility Base Lead, Andrew Rossiter commented. “Without question, cloud migration is hard and most firms lack the skilled resources, necessary controls and operating models required to create a secure managed cloud environment. Development teams also struggle to access best-practice deployment strategies – particularly around continuous delivery and deployment. Very early on we identified there was an urgent need to find a common solution, across all industries, to these critical issues. Drawing on years of experience in this area and the belief it would make a significant difference to the industry at large, GFT donated a team of highly skilled global developers to kick start the Tranquility Base open source initiative.”

Google is the first cloud provider to be showcased on Tranquility Base during the upcoming Google Cloud Next ‘19 London conference. There the team will demonstrate how the activators can be used to build a specific reference architecture on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), supporting numerous applications and workloads. This enables ‘first time right’ cloud adoption to be achieved faster than ever before.

Andrew Rossiter continued: “Collaborating with the authors, architects and engineers of Tranquility Base, users can very quickly create tailored landing zones and deploy activators in line with their own organisation’s needs and priorities. The contributor community is already gaining pace with major banks and automotive firms either already on board or keen to get involved. The Tranquility Base open source community is on a fast-track path to becoming an independent positive force for change, enabling all participants to learn, develop and contribute code, all with a common purpose. Join in!”

Marika Lulay, GFT’s CEO concluded. “GFT has been pivotal in pioneering this open source initiative, as we believe the ‘first time right’ approach will become the industry’s way forward to enable an accelerated cloud migration for all. Tranquility Base is very relevant for our existing clients too, as it fully supports the stringent risk and compliance requirements imposed on highly regulated firms. And it will liberate users from the onerous challenges and associated high costs created by single vendor lock-in scenarios. Based on the feedback of everyone we are talking to, we really are very optimistic about the opportunities Tranquility Base will unlock. Playing a founding role clearly demonstrates not only GFT’s commitment to this open source community, but also the pioneering capabilities of our global, highly skilled, in-house development teams.”

Tranquility Base lands at Google Cloud Next ‘19 in London’s Excel centre on 20-21 November 2019, where GFT is a premium sponsor.