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ArangoDB Publishes Industry-Wide Open Source NoSQL Performance Benchmark

2018 Study Highlights Advantages of Multi-Model Database Approach Over Single-Model Storage

ArangoDB, a leading provider of native multi-model NoSQL database solutions, today announced the latest findings of its open source NoSQL performance benchmark series. To enable vendors to respond to the results and contribute improvements, ArangoDB has published the necessary scripts required to repeat the benchmark. The goal of the benchmark is to measure the performance of each database system when there is no cache used. The benchmark is completely open source and therefore driven by community input.

For the 2018 benchmark, three leading single-model database systems were compared against ArangoDB: Neo4j for graph; MongoDB for document; and PostgreSQL for relational database. Additionally, it tested ArangoDB against a multi-model database, OrientDB. The latest GA versions (as of January 26, 2018) of database systems were used: Neo4j 3.3.1, MongoDB 3.6.1, PostgreSQL 10.1 (tabular & jsonb), OrientDB 2.2.29 and ArangoDB 3.3.3. A simple client/server set up was used, alongside instances AWS recommends for both relational and non-relational databases. The benchmark used NodeJS 8.9.4. The operating system for the servers was Ubuntu 16.04, including the OS-patch 4.4.0-1049-aws — this includes Meltdown and Spectre V1 patches. Each database had an individual warm-up.

The benchmark results below demonstrate how a multi-model database competes and often outperforms single-model databases in their speciality. In fundamental queries like Single Read, Single Write and Single Write Sync, ArangoDB achieved positive results and outperformed PostgreSQL. Note, lower percentages indicate higher throughput, higher percentages indicate lower throughput.

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ArangoDB Appoints Ted Dunning as Advisor

ArangoDB Appoints Ted Dunning as Advisor

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