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Turnover at Deutsche Börse’s cash markets at 118.9 billion euros in July

Trading volume increased by 18 percent year-on-year

Order book turnover on Deutsche Börse cash markets totalled €118.9 billion in July (July 2016: €100.8 billion). Of the €118.9 billion, €109.1 billion were attributable to Xetra (July 2016: €91.8 billion) and €3.5 billion to Börse Frankfurt (July 2016: €3.4 billion). Order book turnover on Tradegate Exchange totalled €6.3 billion (July 2016: €5.5 billion).

Broken down by asset classes, cash market turnover in equities reached about €106.1 billion. Turnover in ETFs/ETCs/ETNs amounted to €11.1 billion. Turnover in bonds was €0.4 billion, in structured products €1.1 billion and in funds €0.1 billion.

Viewed by transactions, a total of 19.2 million trades were executed on Xetra in July (July 2016: 18.7 million). The average daily turnover on Xetra stood at €5.2 billion (July 2016: 4.4 million).

On the electronic trading platform Eurex Bonds, a volume of €2.9 billion was traded, mainly in government bonds (July 2016: €4.0 billion).