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investUP Identifies Opportunities for P2P Lenders

The peer-to-peer lending industry is maturing, with the market growing at over 30% per annum, and figures suggesting it will be worth over £5 billion by the end of 2017; as such, the sector is now regulated by the FCA.

There are currently more than 80 different direct lending platforms in the UK, offering investors a vast array of deals. However, a key issue facing time-challenged investors seeking to access this new asset class is how to efficiently achieve increased returns and manage risk.

Robo-lending platform investUP facilitates automatic lending for time-constricted investors in the P2P lending industry. The site, a unique offering in the marketplace, was recently authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, and will provide investors with easy access to this new market.

investUP has historically generated returns of 7.4% per year. The platform removes the need for lenders to micromanage the manual investment actions required on each individual platform; instead featuring numerous options on one intuitive, easy-to-use site that employs automatic bidding.

Users can configure lending preferences on different P2P lending platforms, enabling them to collect repayments on one platform and lend them on another within hours; an initiative that works towards overcoming some of the origination problems experienced by many new platforms.

investUP was recently acquired by White Label Crowdfunding, a software as a solution company that creates, launches and hosts crowdfunding sites. The firm is offering shares to early adopting investors; the investUP Club 100 offers up to 10% of the equity in a promotion to obtain £100 million of assets under influence by the end of the summer.

investUP is a peer-to-peer lending aggregation platform with the ability to automatically place investments for time-conscious investors. Investors enable a lending robot, driven from criteria provided by the investor, to create a bespoke algorithm which works for them. investUP is authorised and regulated by the FCA.