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Are You Ready for Bloomberg’s FIX Changes?

Bloomberg is implementing stricter FIX session security requirements that will affect you. It is a good thing since cybersecurity is an increasing area of focus in the financial world, and FIX is no exception. This year, all Bloomberg FIX sessions will be required to:

  • - Use TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption
  • - Authenticate through the use of certificates
  • - Use unique CompIDs across all Bloomberg sessions
  • - Maintain an approved list of active IP addresses
  • - Log on/heartbeat at least once every 3 months (including backup sessions)

Does your FIX infrastructure support all of these requirements?

Are you sure?

These changes have significant ramifications for your current FIX infrastructure. Most modern FIX engines natively support TLS, but many older or proprietary ones do not. Legacy CompIDs may be tied to internal business logic in unexpected or undocumented ways.

At Flyer, we work hard to make FIX simple. The Flyer FIX Engine supports TLS sessions natively. If you already use it, reach out to your Flyer support representative today for information on how to get started.

A Proxy Approach

Like many things in FIX, this is not as easy as it appears. Flyer has put together an elegant, drop-in appliance to handle all of Bloomberg’s new requirements without any changes to your current FIX workflows.

Our engine seamlessly handles the complexities of TLS encryption, including certificate management, giving you a simple, drop-in proxy that matches what you do today. It also provides full multi-site redundancy and APIs for additional integration.

A Full Service Solution

If your Bloomberg connectivity is substantial, it might make sense to offload not just the new FIX requirements, but also the onboarding and day-to-day support of the sessions requiring native TLS support.

Flyer has a long history of providing Managed FIX services, and we leverage our extensive team and world-class technology to make Bloomberg connectivity both seamless and secure. As your FIX network grows, it can become complicated; Flyer makes it simple.

Reach out to learn more today!