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Enterprise FIX Monitoring with Daytona 4.7 by FIX Flyer

Daytona 4.7 brings Flyer’s premiere FIX monitoring platform to new heights with an Enterprise focus. Building from the Validations framework added in 4.6, Daytona 4.7 introduces a variety of improvements focused on supporting very large, high volume, demanding trading environments.


FIX environments with many thousands of FIX sessions present unique challenges to monitoring software, both architecturally and in terms of the user experience. Based on data from our largest Daytona deployments, we have made several changes to address the “enterprise” use case.

Bulk session management by asset class, workflow, region, or environment allows large FIX deployments to be managed effectively by small teams with minimal organizational overhead.

Extreme FIX message rates — beyond the capacity for a human to interpret — have a much improved UX with automatic pausing and snapshot views while still maintaining the ability to stream lower volume sessions live.

FIX log parsers are now “plug and play,” allowing any Daytona user to create a custom parser for any FIX engine, even proprietary ones.

FIX Onboarding

We continue to improve our Validations feature, simplifying FIX onboarding and automatically reporting on rules of engagement. Validation suites can now be imported/exported, and several new options are available for interpreting FIX workflows. Performance under heavy load has been substantially increased.

These improvements allow Daytona to monitor large scale environments, both UAT and production, for FIX rules of engagement conformance in real time.

The Future of Daytona

The Daytona Trade Monitor is a core offering in Flyer’s FIX platform, alongside our FIX Engine, F1 Risk Gateway, and Ignition Testing & Certification Tool. We plan to continue improving our FIX onboarding offering with substantial new features, as well as tighter integration with our other tools.

For the full Daytona 4.7 release notes, reach out to your account representative or email [email protected]