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Klocwork 2017 SmartRank defect recommendation engine

Rogue Wave Software announces the release of Klocwork 2017. This release extends the capabilities of static code analysis by introducing SmartRank, a defect recommendation engine to help users prioritize and handle bugs faster.

Static code analysis finds defects and security vulnerabilities, but can be challenging for developers to prioritize which issues need to be addressed first. Developers can be presented with hundreds or thousands of defects, making it hard to decide where to start. With Klocwork 2017 SmartRank, that problem is solved.

“We knew our users were struggling with too many issues and no way to prioritize them,” says Walter Capitani, Klocwork product manager at Rogue Wave Software. “Our engineers created a function within Klocwork that enables users to not only see what issues are important, but to have them ranked from most to least important.”

This new technology is a groundbreaking addition for static code analysis, using smart algorithms to determine the most serious issues to address first. And with each release, Klocwork enhances its proprietary analysis engine to surpass competitive offerings. Last year, Klocwork CI introduced continuous static code analysis, allowing users to get faster static analysis results as part of their continuous integration build process. Now with the addition of SmartRank, users have one more way to make testing quicker and more seamless.

“We strive to uphold our mission of simplifying complex software development, improving code quality, and shortening cycle times,” says Capitani. “In addition to SmartRank, Klocwork 2017 also offers improvements to accuracy in the analysis engine, improved detection of security issues involving tainted data, enhanced standards compliance with new MISRA 2012 checkers and support for Amendment 1, improvements to the Visual Studio extension, and upgraded language and compiler support.”

Rogue Wave Software is the largest independent provider of cross-platform software development tools, components, and platforms in the world. Through decades of solving the most complex problems across financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, government, academia, and other industries, Rogue Wave tools, components, platforms, and services enable developers to write better code, faster.