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Lloyds Banking Group updates its commitment to drive digital skills in the UK

Lloyds Banking Group has launched its 2017 Helping Britain Prosper Plan, with a renewed focus on being ‘more than a bank’.

Improving digital capability in the UK is one of the key challenges the Group has committed to address, by providing face-to-face digital skills training, including internet banking, for 2.5 million individuals, SMEs and charities by 2020.

Nick Williams, Managing Director, Consumer and Commercial Digital at Lloyds Banking Group said: “I’m delighted that Lloyds Banking Group, as part of its Helping Britain Prosper Plan, has made such a significant commitment to improve digital skills in the UK.

“By working with the Government, and our partners such as Google and The Good Things Foundation, we can provide face-to-face support that will make a huge difference to millions of individuals, small businesses and charities across the UK.”

In its last Helping Britain Prosper Plan, Lloyds Banking Group committed to signing up 20,000 Digital Champions by the end of 2017. This target was exceeded a year early, with 23,000 Digital Champions now supporting customers and local communities with their digital skills across the whole of the UK.

Speaking after the launch of the Government’s Digital Strategy, which has established a Digital Skills Partnership that includes Lloyds, Karen Bradley, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport said: “Our Digital Strategy sets a path to create a world-leading digital economy that works for everyone, with improving skills at its heart.

"To do that, we will work closely with businesses and others to make sure the benefits and opportunities are spread across the country.

"I'm delighted Lloyds will offer face-to-face training to an additional 2.5 million individuals, small businesses and charities. Alongside our new Digital Skills Partnership, this pledge will help make sure no one is left behind and everyone can fulfil their potential.”

Today’s announcement demonstrates the Group’s continued commitment to go beyond business-as-usual activities to help people, businesses and communities to address the social and economic challenges facing Britain today.

No other bank is better placed to do this. Lloyds Banking Group serves approximately 25 million customers and one million small businesses; and its independent charitable Foundations support thousands of charities across the UK. The Group has used this reach to provide increasing support since the Plan was launched in 2014. 

This year’s Helping Britain Prosper Plan contains 22 targets, responding to the changing social and economic needs of the UK.

The Helping Britain Prosper Plan 2017 commits to:

  • Helping Businesses - of all types and sizes by offering them the funding and support to grow.
  • Helping People - buy their first home, plan for later life and provide support to those looking for a rewarding job.
  • Helping Communities - address inequality, support disadvantage and champion Britain’s diversity.

The Group has achieved a clear majority of the 2016 targets (20 of 24) demonstrating both the Group’s commitment but also the stretching nature of the targets. In 2015 the Group achieved 27 out of 28 and in 2014 achieved 20 out of 25.

António Horta-Osório, Chief Executive of Lloyds Banking Group said: “The Helping Britain Prosper Plan captures the commitments we’re making to help the country economically and socially, which as a UK focused retail and commercial bank we are uniquely placed to do.”

Launched in 2014, the Helping Britain Prosper Plan set out seven public commitments supported by 26 individual metrics, designed to address some of the biggest issues facing Britain. The Group has grown its understanding of these issues considerably over the past three years and, as with earlier Plans, has adapted its 2017 Plan to ensure it is even more powerful and in tune with today’s market.

The 2017 Helping Britain Prosper Plan is more streamlined and the focus remains on how the Group can best help Britain. Five areas of focus have been identified as the biggest social and economic challenges to which the Group can respond including developing a new environmental target to incentivise low carbon commercial property development.