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Informatica Advances Data Security Intelligence with Detection and Protection of Security Threats

Latest Informatica [email protected] Release Solves Complex Enterprise Data Security Challenges for Cloud, Data Lakes and Compliance 

Next generation data security challenges require next generation solutions. Informatica®, the world’s No. 1 provider of data management solutions, today ushered in modern data security intelligence with the addition of powerful and innovative data-focused user behavioral analytics to detect higher sensitive data risk and protect by orchestration of remediation capabilities to its award-winning data security offering, Informatica [email protected]rce®. 

Seemingly every day, a new onslaught of fresh challenges to data security arise. This is, in part, because of the increasing proliferation of sensitive data in cloud and mobile environments, data lakes and other big data repositories. According to Gartner, “data security governance and the orchestration of data security policies across disparate data silos and platforms will be critical challenges for organizations during the next decade.[1]” The latest version of [email protected], dubbed “Detect and Protect,” brings next generation data security intelligence to bear on these cascading challenges by providing:

  • Automated and integrated sensitive data discovery, proliferation analysis, detection of anomalous user activities, multi-factor data risk analytics, and automated orchestration of remediation in a single platform.

  • Broad coverage across cloud, Hadoop and legacy environments.

  • Unique capabilities supporting diverse and complex data classifications, proliferation and risk analytics, user access and activity correlation, user behavior analytics (UBA) and orchestration support for a full range of data protection technologies.

[email protected] helps businesses achieve several successful outcomes, including:

  • Reduced risk of data breaches and misuse through more proactive and intelligent sensitive data risk monitoring, investment prioritization and protection,

  • Increased support for data privacy compliance mandates such as GDPR, HIPAA and FINRA, and

  • Low total cost of ownership due to a comprehensive single platform.

Intelligent Detection and Protection

[email protected] provides the strongest set of detection and protection capabilities presently available to power the entire data security cycle. [email protected] customers gain the ability to:

  • Know where sensitive data resides – Global visibility, classification, discovery and reporting of an enterprise’s sensitive data and where it is proliferating.

  • Recognize what is at risk – Continuous multi-factor risk scoring based on data sensitivity, protection status, risk cost and more, leveraging Informatica’s innovative interactive risk analytics technologies.

  • Understand who is using the data – Visibility into users with access to sensitive data, with usage monitoring and highly accurate anomalous behavior detection.

  • Orchestrate effective remediation actions – Risk-based remediation recommendations and orchestration of data security measures including dynamic or persistent data masking, encryption, blocking and other solutions from Informatica and third-party providers.

[email protected] is part of Informatica’s family of data-centric security offerings for today’s data-centric world. [email protected] recently was awarded a total of 11 medals, including a Grand Prize and five Golds in Info Security Product Guide’s prestigious 2017 Global Excellence Awards program. This included medals for Risk Management, Innovation in Enterprise Security, Best Security Software, Cloud Security, UBA, Compliance, Data Lake Security (Best New Product) and more.

According to Gartner, “security spending on detection and response to attacks on systems and services must be refocused to monitor and protect applications and data. Security and risk management leaders should use data security governance to prepare risk-based security strategies and infonomics to reset budgets.[2]”

“Despite all the time, effort and billions, maybe trillions, of dollars spent, security is not working. Security breaches are still on the rise because most organizations are taking the wrong approach; they are focused on securing the end-points,” said Amit Walia, executive vice president and chief product officer, Informatica. “Informatica is taking a unique approach with [email protected] ‘Detect and Protect’ represents the next generation of data security intelligence because it is securing data at its source. [email protected] is a uniquely unified, data-centric security solution that empowers organizations to quickly and accurately assess where they need to focus investments and resources to reduce the escalating risk of data breaches and misuse.”

Informatica is 100 percent focused on data because the world runs on data. Organizations need business solutions around data for the cloud, big data, real-time and streaming. Informatica is the world’s No. 1 provider of data management solutions, in the cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid environment. More than 7,000 organizations around the world turn to Informatica for data solutions that power their businesses. 

Source: GlobeNewswire