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International Renewable Energy Company Chooses Contigo’s enVoy Software

International renewable energy company, Invenergy, develops, owns and operates clean energy facilities across the globe. The company has chosen enVoy software, from award-winning energy trading and risk management (ETRM) solutions provider, Contigo, as its system to handle notifications and settlement data for its first UK project: a wind farm in Scotland.

Invenergy and its affiliated companies have developed more than 13,700 MW of projects that are in operation, in construction, or under contract, including wind, solar, and natural gas-fuelled power generation projects and energy storage facilities. Its clients include Google, for whom it recently announced a partnership to harness wind power to support the tech giant’s data centre operations.

Turnkey Solution

Invenergy chose Contigo as the provider of its UK notification and settlement software as it was able to offer an ‘out of the box’ solution that could be implemented quickly, and was backed by a high quality support service and insights into the UK market.

enVoy simplifies the process of sending and receiving energy industry data in the European power and gas markets.  It provides a reliable, easy-to-use communications framework that enables organisations to make the necessary links and ensure that data is submitted correctly.

Invenergy associate asset manager, Jonathan Kett comments: “We had heard good things about Contigo from others in the industry and chose its enVoy software as it was a turnkey solution that could meet our requirements.

“Contigo worked with us to ensure that the system would provide us with all the reports we would need and also helped us to gain CVA accreditation with Elexon to fulfil our contractual requirements. The company has been very responsive to our enquiries and handled the implementation process well, with no delays. Contigo hosts the service for us in the UK and this means that we are able to avoid additional complexities.”

All Contigo energy trading software solutions have flexibility built-in, and enVoy is a customisable communications framework that is designed to easily adapt to new industries, market rules or data flows.  This means that Invenergy will have the option to expand its usage of enVoy in the future.

Jonathan Kett comments: “enVoy is an essential part of our operating structure in the UK, it is easy to use and we also have the option to expand and add functionality that would allow us to further develop our business in the UK (by submitting Bid-Offer Pairs).”

Contigo is passionate about working in partnership with clients and providing high quality customer support and training. Jonathan Kett comments: “We were able to undertake the entire process of selecting and implementing enVoy efficiently and conveniently with all meetings and training being undertaken remotely with no travel to the UK required. Contigo even catered for our US hours. The experience of working with Contigo has been very good; the team has been very responsive to our enquiries and I would recommend the company and its enVoy software.”

Contigo is a Trayport business. Trayport is a leading provider of energy trading solutions to traders, brokers and exchanges worldwide.

Contigo is an award winning supplier of Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) solutions, based in the UK. It develops and maintains a range of complementary energy trading software solutions for the European energy market, which includes: enTrader®, its award-winning ETRM solution; enVoy, an integrated energy nomination and scheduling platform; and enPrice, its energy supply contract pricing software.

Using the latest technology and delivered in the cloud, or on premise, Contigo software solutions can be implemented quickly and with low risk. They feature advanced capabilities to manage any point in the energy value chain, including generation, wholesale and retail trading. Its software is designed to be easy to use and flexible, so that it can adapt with businesses, without the need for costly re-configuration.

Contigo is a Trayport business. Trayport is a leading provider of energy trading solutions to traders, brokers and exchanges worldwide. It develops, deploys and supports quality, resilient software for trading in multiple asset classes worldwide in cleared or OTC markets. Trayport’s GlobalVision software is used by the world’s largest trading companies in high profile markets.