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CJC Provides ITOA Visualisations for Top 10 Global Investment Bank with new product, MosaicOA

CJC Ltd, one of the leading managed service and cloud platform technology providers to the global capital markets industry has today officially launched MosaicOA (Open Analytics), a big data visualisation platform delivered and the first release from the Mosaic Suite of products. MosaicOA is now in production at top 10 global investment bank visualising the ITOA for the global market data infrastructure.

CJC have been developing MosaicOA for over 2 years, working closely with the client and it represents their first foray in to the world of products. The solution was developed with software developers Corellasoft and Apogee Software. Clients provide a real-time stream of their infrastructure data from the client datacentre, to the CJC cloud in Equinix. All events are logged for long term analysis, on high performance storage. The visualisation runs on CJC private cloud platform, supported by CJC support teams around the clock to ensure the data has no interruptions. The client then retrieves the data by a browser based front end.

Peter Williams, Senior Technical Director, CJC commented, “The clients monitoring system collects data from standard sources such as CPU, memory etc. As well as collecting health and performance metrics from industry specific components such as Solace, TREP, BPIPE, Corvil etc. Right now, our environment receives over 256,000 separate infrastructure measurements. In order to get a clear and accurate view of the health and performance of real-time market data systems the sample frequency needs to be high, therefore the system generates massive quantities of data every day which we store and visualise for our clients.”

The MosaicOA value proposition is based on the ability to efficiently create clear visualisations from large data sets aligned with costs savings created by migrating the database storage to CJC’s secure private cloud. Due to client internal policy, they cannot be publically named however they are happy to provide a quote and reference upon request.

Client Source: “The MosaicOA system was piloted over the last 18 months and was found to be well ahead of the competition. We have not been required to upgrade or modify our existing infrastructure, nor have we had to have our staff trained in anything but the front end. MosaicOA will assist us in providing a unique insight into how our systems are performing, along with making far more qualified decisions on future technology investments. We are also looking into moving this into visualising into other business areas based on the strength of the front end alone”.

Founded in 1999 Crown Jewels Consultants Ltd (CJC) is a leading independent, financial technology management solutions partner. CJC’s expert team has a wealth of experience working across all market data systems, providing technical and commercial management consultancy, development as well as support and managed services to our clients across the globe. With offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, CJC are able to deliver a 24x7x365 ‘‘follow the sun’’ operation to our clients across all time zones.