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PREMIA™ leading choice of insurance companies in Oman

3i Infotech Limited, a global IT software provider with its flagship insurance products, PREMIA™ has grown exponentially over the past 16 years as a trusted technology partner, bringing in business transformation for over 40 insurance companies in GCC.

Key insurance companies in Oman and MENA region trust PREMIA™, a flexible insurance management product suite and a leading policy administration system, which has been successfully deployed in major markets in the Middle East and Africa region. Mumbai-based 3i Infotech has grown enormously since 2000, when it first gained entry into the Oman market.

Today it serves major insurance companies as customers in the Oman market, Al-Madina Insurance, Falcon Insurance, Takaful Oman, Oman United Insurance, Oman QIC, Vision Insurance and Oman Arab Orient Insurance to name a few.

Talking about his company’s association with 3i Infotech, Usama Al Barwani, acting CEO, Al Madina Insurance Company SAOG [Al Madina Takaful] said, “Being the country’s foremost and first Takaful provider focusing on technology, the PREMIA™ installation has made us fully automated, thus enabling us to bag the prestigious ‘Oman Insurer of the Year from MENAIR Insurance Awards, 2016’.”

PREMIA™ presently has top-notch customers in various stages of installation and support. A few among them include OUIC, Oman QIC, Vision Insurance and Oman Arab Oriental Insurance.

AR Srinivasan, CEO, Falcon Insurance Company, speaking about the success with PREMIA™ said, “In 2007, Falcon Insurance Company S.A.O.C. needed an end-to-end IT solution partner and found a worthy partner in 3i Infotech. As our motto is to provide our customers ‘Insurance with a Difference,’ we upgraded with PREMIA™ General Insurance to maximize benefits and procured PREMIA™ Life Suite as a life insurance solution to further enhance our business and achieve our strategic goals.”

Another customer who has experienced 3i infotech’s sound ability, best-in-class delivery and reliable support of the PREMIA™ solution since 2014 is Mohamed Appas from Takaful Oman Insurance S.A.O.G, Muscat. He stated, “We are a full-fledged Islamic insurance provider, providing a wide range of Sharia compliant risk protection products. We have found that our IT infrastructure has been strengthened and our operations smoothened, since we started using 3i Infotech’s PREMIA™ CORE and Portal solution.” 

Highlighting the strengths of the solution, Rakesh Doshi, Head - Insurance & Financial Services 3i Infotech Ltd said, “The prowess of PREMIA™ has evolved over the years, as it caters to the needs of varied customers in different regions. Having incorporated key local laws and directives of the land, PREMIA™ has included recent technical upgrades which give the product more relevance, as well as makes it on par with insurance standards.”