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Ebury increases customer base 50% in partnership with Avoka’s digital onboarding platform

Ebury, the UK based fintech company, has increased its customer base by 50% in the last year, as well as seeing its lending volumes boosted by more than 2.5x. This rapid growth has been fuelled by its partnership with Avoka, the leader in digital customer acquisition for financial services companies.

Ebury – which offers a unique combination of lending, currency and payment solutions for small and medium sized businesses – needed a digital account opening solution that could scale across the multiple countries and currencies where it conducts business.

Using the Avoka Transact platform, Ebury was able to build a highly tailored onboarding process in just a few weeks, enabling it to significantly increase the number of customers it could onboard in a short period of time. 

Additionally, a key component of the Avoka solution for Ebury was the ability to synchronise customer information directly with Salesforce, while allowing the Ebury sales team to track the status of new customer acquisitions.      

Dr Toby Young, Chief Technology Officer at Ebury, comments: “Superior customer experience is key for Ebury. Giving our Salesforce-based sales and operations teams complete visibility of the onboarding process through the Avoka system - within the context of an individual customer journey – is a vital part of being able to please our customers.” 

Derek Corcoran, Chief Experience Officer at Avoka, says: “We’re delighted to have been able to play a key role in helping Ebury transform how it acquires customers in what has been a crucial stage in its development.”
“We were able to accelerate Ebury’s ability to acquire customers over digital channels, delivering a new digital account opening experience in just four weeks. Most importantly, this allowed customers to access Ebury’s business lending, currency exchange and payment services in a fraction of the time.”