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Shaping the next generation of digital banking: GFT and Fidor form an innovation partnership

Together toward the future of digital banking. Effective immediately, Fidor AG and GFT Technologies SE have reinforced their cooperation and signed a strategic partnership agreement to focus on developing mobile financial and banking apps, as well as the related sales and marketing. It’s an initial step to shape the next generation of digital banking within a strong network. One main pillar will be GFT’s Digital Innovation Labs, where both parties will combine their expertise to develop ideas, innovations and prototypes. The team will employ agile development to make the prototypes market-ready, and the resulting products will be put on the market quickly as possible. GFT and Fidor have already developed the new O2 Banking’ solution together, which will be Germany's first mobile-only, full-service bank account. Since last week, the app is available within the Apple Store.

The partnership also includes the sales and marketing of Fidor Operating Systems (fOS). “Both parties had very positive experiences together during our first cooperation, O2 banking. It’s simply a matter of logic to continue working together. Our cooperation with GFT will allow us to be even more efficient in developing new offerings for the future of mobile banking", says Matthias Kröner, CEO of Fidor AG. “We’ll be pursuing new paths together primarily in the areas of prototyping and international sales". After the recently announced acquisition by the second-largest banking group in France, BPCE, the Fidor Group plans to not only develop domestic markets and expand internationally, but continue focusing on technological advancement as well. “We’re well-positioned for the future and we want to be the leaders in innovation so that we can continue to spearhead contemporary banking”, adds Kröner.

GFT is a renowned industry specialist in the financial sector that operates worldwide. A team of 4,500 employees in 12 countries supports leading banks and insurance companies with advisory, creative and technology capabilities. “The market for IT digitalisation solutions continues to grow – particularly in the financial sector. GFT has almost 30 years of experience in implementing complex IT projects. Fidor will ideally complement our solution portfolio in the digital banking area. It’s set out to be the perfect match”,  says Marika Lulay, COO of GFT Technologies SE. GFT’s Innovation Labs are already a proving ground for today and tomorrow’s digital banking environment.“Everything revolves around co-innovation, ensuring all key stakeholders are included in the design of the customer experience right from the very start. We’ve got a lot of plans to shape the digital future of banks!”
Customer needs are changing as the possibilities of digitalisation continue to grow – and it’s more than a matter of keeping pace; it’s about shaping new developments for the long term.