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New Curium module brings Business Intelligence capability to data management teams

Curium Data Systems, the data management technology company, today announced the launch of Curium Business Intelligence, the latest module of the Curium Data Management toolset.  CuriumBI, as it will be marketed, is a web based toolset designed to help Data Governance and Data Management teams get maximum value out of their data quality and master data programmes.

CuriumBI will be provided as a self service option to the established Data Quality Management and Master Data components of Curium.  Users can attach the module to Curium's own internal data objects but it can also be applied as an advanced graphical and analysis tool over any of the firm's data sets.

"When firms implement Curium over their key data sets they can quickly see where they have data quality issues and the impact on their business operations." said Adam Saunders, Product Director of Curium.  "CuriumBI helps Data Governance heads and senior management teams see exactly how these data quality processes support the overall data governance objectives of the firm and where to target their efforts further." he added. 

"The benefits of applying business intelligence over data quality information are broad." said Andrew Sexton, Sales Director of Curium.  "Such insights can empower the firm to make better and faster decisions, identify possible areas for cost savings and help align the organisation towards the broader data management goals."