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UniCredit to issue ETFs with SIX Swiss Exchange

SIX Swiss Exchange welcomes European commercial bank UniCredit as a new issuer of exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Thereby, SIX Swiss Exchange is continuing to drive forward the internationalization of its ETF segment.

UniCredit is entering into the Swiss ETF market by issuing two ETFs with SIX Swiss Exchange, for which it is also acting as market maker. This increases the number of ETF issuers on SIX Swiss Exchange to an unprecedented 22 and the product range on offer to a new record high of 1,240.

The two newly listed ETFs on European convertible bonds offer investors a supplement to the diversification of their portfolios, while offering the advantages of on-exchange trading for what was previously an asset class that was heavily OTC-traded. SIX Swiss Exchange was the first European stock exchange to open an ETF segment in fall 2000, in which it has reported constant growth for more than 15 years. 

UniCredit is a European commercial bank with a dominant market position in a number of European countries and a growing presence in the fast-growing markets of Central and Eastern Europe. With the launch of the two ETFs by its subsidiary Structured Invest S.A., which specializes in the launching of investment funds, UniCredit is adding to the continuous success story of ETF market making in an asset class that is difficult to replicate.

UniCredit's two newly issued ETFs:

Product name Trading currency ISIN
UC Thomson Rts. Bal. European Convertible Bond UCITS ETF CHF LU1199448058
UC Thomson Rts. Bal. European Convertible Bond UCITS ETF-dis CHF LU1372156916