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NTT DATA UK announces a partnership with Privitar to deliver data protection solutions

Collaboration will support companies with readiness for GDPR data legislation 

IT services provider, NTT DATA UK, today announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Privitar to deliver data protection solutions that will ensure companies are compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when it comes into force.

Valuable data assets are growing exponentially and the desire to extract value from this information is at an all-time high. Many companies have built powerful commercial models centred on the insight extracted through the analysis of data. However, these organisations must now deal with a conflict that occurs between the desire to extract greater value from sensitive data assets and the need to do this ethically, securely and in a way that complies with current and emerging legislation.

NTT DATA’s experience in delivering data and process technology solutions, combined with Privitar’s market leading privacy software, will form a complete solution to GDPR data requirements. It will support industry verticals from Financial Services and Telco Media through to the Public Sector.

“NTT DATA comes with an impeccable track record. Partnering means we can help our customers navigate the complex information security and privacy landscape and deliver our leading privacy software products to hundreds of leading corporations globally,” said Jason du Preez, CEO of Privitar.

The GDPR will require significant changes to the way companies process and use the personal data of any European customers. The regulation is complex and the cost of non-compliance is high - up to four per cent of global revenue. A FTSE 100 company could be liable for an average of £600 million on that basis.

“By combining NTT DATA’s sector-specific domain knowledge with Privitar’s software we can now deliver programmes that make our clients champions of both privacy and innovation,” said Steve Mitchener, CEO of NTT DATA UK. “I’m excited that this partnership will allow our clients to fully utilise their data assets without fear of reputational and financial damage, or regulatory action.”