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UBL UK Partners with PBF Solutions to Drive Awareness and Uptake of Deposit and Savings Accounts

United Bank UK (UBL UK) - a leading UK challenger bank - is working with financial technology and marketing specialist PBF Solutions to raise awareness and drive uptake of its consumer financial products, including fixed-term deposit, easy access and 90-day notice accounts.

The bank first engaged with PBF Solutions in 2012 when they were hired to manage the development and launch of UBL UK Online Saver account platform with integrated identity verification.  UBL UK is using PBF’s Origination Platform to create online accounts for retail customers, allowing them to apply for and manage their accounts.

Usman Kaker, Product Manager at UBL UK said: “What is particularly attractive about PBF’s offering is their unique pricing model for deposit-raising, which means that the risks and rewards of a deposit campaign are shared between us. The online channel has given us greater flexibility so we can access PBF’s services whenever we want to drive awareness and campaigns around new and existing products, and attract deposits.”

PBF is also handling promotion of the UBL UK Online Saver site through several aggregator and affiliate sites, fine-tuning the customer journey to improve click-through rates, completed applications and accounts funded. 

Usman Kaker added: “PBF Solutions is very good at monitoring and identifying emerging opportunities and taking the initiative to make changes in order to take advantage of those. They are extremely knowledgeable about the market in which they operate, quick to respond to our requests, professional in their dealings with us, and proactive in their approach. We are working with PBF on other business lines as a result of their expertise in online marketing, their desire to improve the customer experience, and their fair pricing policy.”

United National Bank, trading as United Bank UK (UBL UK), was formed in 2001 from the merger of the UK branches of two Pakistani banks, United Bank Limited and National Bank of Pakistan.  National Bank of Pakistan is the largest bank in Pakistan, and is owned by the Government of Pakistan. United Bank Limited is the second largest private bank in Pakistan. Through its shareholder banks United Bank UK has presence across the major financial centers of the world.