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Mendix Speeds Up Business Innovation in the Cloud with IBM Bluemix

Integrated developer experience combines Mendix’s digital innovation platform for rapid application delivery with Bluemix, IBM’s Cloud platform, in one seamless stack

Mendix, the world's leading application Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS), today announced it is available on Bluemix, IBM’s Cloud platform. By leveraging Mendix’s rapid application development capabilities with the cloud, analytics and IoT services on Bluemix, enterprises can accelerate the delivery of Smart Apps required to innovate and compete in today’s digital economy.

Mendix is delivering a comprehensive cloud stack capable of powering high-velocity innovation at scale. The Mendix platform uniquely enables business and IT to collaborate across the full application lifecycle. Using visual development, agile project management and one-click deployment capabilities, small teams can build web, mobile and IoT applications in short, iterative cycles, getting to market faster and while having the agility to cope with constant change. These capabilities can now be combined with Bluemix’s enterprise-grade application deployment and management features. In addition, developers can easily consume IBM’s vast cloud, analytics and IoT services to build intelligent, proactive and contextually aware Smart Apps.

The Mendix-Bluemix integration is enabled by the companies’ shared support for Cloud Foundry. Adoption of the open source platform is being driven by digital-first companies, where new developer efficiency and reliable, manageable and elastic cloud fabrics are essential. Mendix is helping to accelerate Cloud Foundry adoption as the fastest and easiest way to build cloud-native applications on Cloud Foundry, with IBM Bluemix being a strategic enabler.

Go-to-Market Highlights:

  • For IBM Bluemix users:
    • Mendix is integrated with IBM Bluemix, enabling developers to instantly provision an app container and run their Mendix apps on Bluemix
    • Bluemix users can use either the free or commercial editions of Mendix in any of Bluemix’s hybrid options: public, dedicated, or local.
  • For Mendix users:
    • Developers have access to Bluemix services, such as IBM Watson, Data & Analytics, and the Internet of Things
    • Mendix apps can be deployed with one click to IBM Bluemix directly within the Mendix Modeler

“By putting Mendix on the IBM Cloud, developers can now speed up the delivery of modern digital applications,” said Adam Gunther, Program Director, Bluemix, IBM. “This puts our customers in prime position to capitalize on new business opportunities unlocked by cloud, mobile, analytics and IoT.”

“Enterprise IT teams are struggling to keep up with the relentless pace of innovation and surging business demands,” added Derek Roos, CEO and co-founder of Mendix. “They need platforms that not only work together but combine to the power of three to enable digital transformation. Mendix and IBM Bluemix together provide the type of comprehensive cloud stack that’s needed to power the digital enterprise of the future.”