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GeoPhy announces strategic partnership with ABP and its asset manager APG

Property data specialist GeoPhy receives investment through ABP’s venture fund INKEF Capital and will join forces with pension investor APG Asset Management in a strategic partnership to deliver greater real estate data transparency.

Property data analytics expert GeoPhy today announces a strategic partnership with APG Asset Management, the leading Dutch pension asset manager. The partnership will cement GeoPhy’s position as the leader for independent real estate data and provide APG with increasingly detailed transparency into its commercial property. As part of the partnership INKEF Capital, an ABP-backed venture fund, has invested in GeoPhy.

GeoPhy was founded in 2014 as an independent global platform for real estate intelligence. The GeoPhy platform combines advanced research and reporting tools with a database that currently covers over three million buildings in 51 countries. The database combines thousands of different sources from around the world to generate an objective quality score, a carbon footprint and a valuation for every building, which are used by banks and investors to assess risk and opportunity.

With over 10,000 properties added per day, GeoPhy will offer relevant coverage in every major market around the world by the end of the year.

APG manages an estimated total of 37 billion Euros in Real Estate for ABP, the largest Dutch pension fund with over 359 billion Euros AUM. This strategic partnership will provide APG’s portfolio managers with more detailed oversight and insight, from overall portfolio management right down to individual building levels of detail. The platform enables APG to compare and assess the building and location specifics of its entire property portfolio and to benchmark these metrics for every regional and local real estate market.

The investment by INKEF Capital will provide additional means for acceleration in building out the global data coverage of the GeoPhy platform, as well as the international expansion of the organisation. With major clients on three continents, including some of the largest property investors in the world, the main focus will be to offer the best and most comprehensive dataset possible around the world.

Patrick Kanters, Head of Real Estate at APG, commented: “The data-driven insights provided by the GeoPhy platform are crucial in achieving the more detailed understanding we need for our real estate investments. The GeoPhy data platform can offer us an integrated view of the properties held by our private funds, co-investments and listed investments, providing a truly holistic view. We look forward to working with them on further developing their platform and bringing these capabilities to global real estate investment markets.”

Michael Stam, CEO of INKEF Capital, added: “GeoPhy is already working for some of the largest investors and lenders in the world. Their highly capable team and outstanding, innovative product give us confidence that we can work with them to strengthen their position as the leading global data platform for real estate. Pension funds, investment firms, wealth management and family office investors can be assured of GeoPhy’s capabilities to provide increased market transparency. The insights that GeoPhy delivers in a single platform are invaluable in making strategic investments, delivering returns and managing investment risk.”  

Teun van den Dries, founder and CEO of GeoPhy, said: “The institutional knowledge of APG and their continued contribution to increasing market transparency make them an ideal partner for our international growth and acceleration. Their domain expertise as one of the largest investors in the world, combined with the expertise of INKEF in supporting fast-growth companies like ours, will help us achieve the next phase in our global strategy.  We are excited about working with such reputable partners as APG and INKEF and to progressing to the next stage of our development. ”