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MEGA Introduces Business Architecture Solution

Complete offering to manage effective business transformation 

MEGA International has introduced a new business transformation solution for companies using innovation to succeed in this digital, customer-centric era. HOPEX Business Architecture helps large enterprises align business operations with corporate strategy, while developing and managing successful transformation programs that will take them fully into the digital era.

Before developing the software, MEGA teamed up with a group of its Fortune 100 customers to get their perspective on the ideal product that would help their own businesses be even more successful. The new offering incorporates the best-of-breed thinking from these industry leaders.

HOPEX Business Architecture will help companies move easily through a series of progressive steps, leading to an enterprise transformation roadmapthat will put their company on the path to financial growth, greater efficiencies and top-quality customer relationships.

“Before and during a transformation, companies need to know what is changing within the organization or what may be unstable and especially vulnerable to unpredictable change,” explained Lucio de Risi, CEO, MEGA. “Business architecture helps a company identify new prospects for growth and potential hazards, and how it should be operating next year and in five years. It allows executives to plan enterprise capabilities that will help them profit from the digital revolution.”

“Business architecture helps executives clearly see complex business issues on an enterprise scale. This broad view is essential to enabling business transformation and turning enterprise strategy into valuable results,” explained William M. Ulrich, president of TSG, Inc. and the Business Architecture Guild. “The challenges faced by companies today … competition, customer relationships, operational efficiencies, budget constraints … can be met and managed successfully using business architecture. It is a rich and effective methodology to help executives formulate and execute transformation programs.”

Using HOPEX Business Architecture, corporate teams can:

  • assess the current situation and identify the key drivers of change to understand future market direction
  • create enterprise transformation programs, capability plans and strategic roadmaps and align them with corporate goals to support new initiatives
  • outline goals, milestones, KPIs and capabilities for each transformation stage
  • conduct ongoing assessments, impact analyses and gap analyses to measure progress and outcomes
  • develop and test alternate transformation options, with different outcomes, costs and risks, then select the best target operating model

“Maybe a company is facing competitive threat in its core business and decides to differentiate via innovation. How will this company determine which capabilities need to be outsourced vs. those that can be strengthened or created to successfully compete?” continued de Risi. “MEGA’s solution helps enterprises answer the most important questions and avoid guessing about what might be the right path. It is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution that helps teams collaborate on effective transformation.”

Early business architecture products were often directed solely at business architects and didn’t incorporate strategy, which is an essential factor. HOPEX Business Architecture is designed for collaborative efforts by multiple roles within a company, including strategists and decision makers, for all to contribute to developing the building blocks for transformation.

Many business architecture tools did not include capability planning, which is a foundation for a company’s vision for the future. HOPEX Business Architecture helps companies focus on the capabilities required to fully implement strategy, moving them toward capability evolution tied to business outcomes, rather than concentrating just on standalone technical projects where the original business goal may not be met. More emphasis on capabilities can shrink the failure gap for companies.

Also, unlike standalone strategy mapping or roadmapping tools, HOPEX Business Architecture is part of MEGA’s HOPEX transformation solutions that are integrated on the company’s unique platform. The platform offers a single strategy-to-execution environment that provides a clear, common view of key information and creates significant time- and cost-savings for customers.