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Western Union upgrades its mobile application features for UK Android and Apple customers

The Western Union Company, a leader in global payment services, today announced the latest version of the Western Union® mobile app for Android and Apple devices in the UK.

The new app enables UK consumers to conveniently transfer money using a variety of payment types, including direct bank transfers or credit and debit cards. The app shortens and simplifies the customer journey, allowing senders to quickly repeat previous transactions and to choose recipients directly from their device’s address book, as well as providing scanning capabilities for credit and debit card details.

Furthermore, the app allows customers to access previous payment information, track transfers and locate over 500,000 Western Union Agent locations across the world.

Money can be sent for pick up at one of more than 500,000 Western Union Agent locations or sent into a bank account or a mobile wallet, depending on channel availability in the receiver’s country.

Giovanni Angelini, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Europe at Western Union said:

“Western Union’s vision is to be a leader in cross-border payments and cross-currency money transfer services. We are increasing the numbers of ways to move funds into our system by expanding our digital footprint, and focusing on our ability to offer both physical and digital services.”

“The roll-out of our improved mobile app in the UK is a further step down the path towards the realisation of that vision.”

Massimiliano Alvisini, Regional Vice President, Northern Europe at Western Union said:

“Western Union’s cross-border platform is a rare combination of a physical and innovative digital network. We are always looking for fast, convenient and reliable solutions to contribute to our growing digital and mobile footprint and meet our consumers’ needs.”

“Having the ability to pay out into more than one billion bank accounts around the world, with transparent transfer fees, is a further advantage for our customers, making the receive side of the transaction equally simple and convenient.”