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Euronext Derivatives Added to McKay Brothers’ Quincy Extreme Data Service

Equity index futures at the lowest known latency at major UK trading centers
McKay Brothers International has added Euronext equity index futures to its industry-leading Quincy Extreme Data (QED) service. The QED service now offers select Euronext instruments at the lowest known latency at major UK trading centers. Latency to Slough-LD4 is 273 microseconds, Interxion-LON2 is 140 and Quincy’s Central London POP adjacent to the LSE is 142.

“Risk takers and risk managers understand that quickly receiving and processing key exchange data can meaningfully impact performance,” says MBI Managing Director Francois Tyc. “We are pleased to offer Euronext data at the lowest known latency to QED subscribers.”

MBI’s UK Local millimeter network connects the five leading London-area data centers wirelessly at the lowest known latencies.

“QED’s ease of implementation is helping to broaden adoption of wireless market data,” continued Tyc. “QED offers more wireless exchange data in more POPs than any provider and on terms that support many use cases.”

The QED service offers a tailored pricing model. Subscribers pay for only the data they need and the POPs in which they consume it.  The company offers short term contracts and free trials as well as a small company discount. In addition to Euronext, the QED service distributes market data from ten exchanges at fourteen US and European POPs.