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UBS Wealth Management Americas Announces “ElectionWatch 2016” Client Program

Investor Concerns and Market Implications of U.S. Presidential Election to be Addressed in Exclusive UBS Events and Analysis 

UBS Wealth Management Americas (WMA) will produce ElectionWatch 2016, a series of events and dynamic content designed to provide UBS clients with unique insights into the 2016 presidential election process, potential outcomes, and their policy and market implications.

The program was developed in response to client feedback and recent UBS WMA research indicating the election and political environment are top-of-mind concerns. In the first quarter of 2016, the UBS Investor Watch report found that 80% of respondents are worried about the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, and 76% are worried about the size of the national debt.

UBS ElectionWatch 2016 will include exclusive events in key cities across the United States. The intimate gatherings will feature keynote conversations with nationally recognized political figures and experts, covering the twists and turns of the electoral process, expectations for the general election, and key policy implications.

“The 2016 Presidential primaries have produced many unexpected outcomes and significant uncertainty remains as we head into the conventions and general election," said Tom Naratil, President Americas and Wealth Management Americas. "Our clients are both curious and concerned about who the next President might be and the policy changes he or she may implement. By partnering with some of our country’s great political minds, UBS WMA is able to provide our clients with access to unique insights and thoughtful perspectives on what they can expect going forward.”

Throughout the election process, UBS’s Chief Investment Office Wealth Management Research (CIO WMR), is publishing research and insights on the race's investment implications under the UBS ElectionWatch 2016 banner. This series covers the issues that matter most from the campaigns, featuring interviews with UBS public policy experts and broad-based investment guidance from the senior research team. In addition, UBS CIO WMR equity and fixed income strategists will examine the candidates’ positions on a range of specific issues and assess their potential impact on the economy.

The UBS ElectionWatch 2016 event series kicks off in July.