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Software AG Reveals NextGen Business Analytics & Data Visualization for its Digital Business Platform

  • Unlocks and visualizes streaming data or data-at-rest to gain smart insights from Software AG’s Digital Business Platform
  • Enables creation of highly interactive dashboards enabling visual data exploration and analytics
  • Helps users connect to multiple data sources with intuitive interface

Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) today announced the general availability of its newMashZone NextGen Business Analytics capability. MashZone NextGen is based on Presto, which originated from the acquisition of JackBe, and replaces Software AG’s original MashZone product. MashZone NextGen includes additional functionality that enables users to build powerful, interactive data visualizations, share dashboards and insights, and view dashboards on any device.

The ability to collect, monitor, dashboard, analyze and understand a fast-moving stream of data is crucial for any digital enterprise. Performing descriptive, prescriptive and predictive analytics or deep data exploration, and visualizing this operational intelligence, is a game-changing digital application uniquely available from Software AG’s Digital Business Platform.MashZone NextGen comprises an HTML5-based dashboard builder and guided analytics from which users can derive insights using custom-built or pre-built visualizations arising from the Digital Business Platform.

Giles Nelson, senior vice president, product management, said: “Operations executives and data analysts can gain real-time analytics and rich visualization using MashZone NextGen with the Digital Business Platform. This enables them to act with greater accuracy and speed as well as help them make faster and better decisions.”

MashZone NextGen connects to different types of data sources, including JDBC-compliant data stores, streaming data from Apama, in-memory data from Terracotta BigMemory, ARIS tables, XML files, REST endpoints and web services, and Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets. Typical usage includes: self-service analytics; in-memory analytics; operational intelligence; data visualization; situational awareness; and, self-service business intelligence.

“The self-service features in MashZone NextGen enable a business user to create new dashboards on her own without relying on IT assistance. This autonomy becomes a significant competitive advantage for enterprises that want to empower their users to make decisions quickly,“ added Nelson.

MashZone NextGen is an essential component within the Digital Business Platform. Software AG’s Digital Business Platform is an integrated set of powerful technologies, capabilities and methodologies for managing a digital transformation and for reshaping business designs that enable an enterprise to be more data-driven, customer-obsessed, hyper-connected and super-agile. The Digital Business Platform is offered in the cloud, as a service, on premise, or a hybrid configuration.