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Credit Card Processing Company Chooses Netwrix to Ensure Compliance

Netwrix Corporation, a provider of IT auditing software that delivers complete visibility into IT infrastructure changes and data access, announced today that BankCard Central, a leading provider of payment solutions, has chosen Netwrix Auditor to ensure continuous compliance with PCI DSS, SOX, FISMA, and GLBA standards.

BankCard Central is a leading provider of credit card processing, merchant accounts, merchant cash advances, and other payment solutions to retail and restaurant merchants, corporations, and financial institutions. Being a high-risk financial services provider, the company has to meet a lot of obligations imposed by the industry and sponsoring bank.

Like many other SMBs that are limited in budget and human resources, BankCard Central was challenged by the need to comply with multiple industry standards. The company has a complex IT infrastructure that includes Active Directory, Exchange, NTFS, EMC appliance, SQL Server, VMware, web servers and a few security and operational servers that run on Windows Server. They needed a solution that provides a comprehensive overview of changes made across the entire IT infrastructure, so they have chosen Netwrix Auditor.

Netwrix Auditor enabled BankCard Central to achieve the following:

  • Complete visibility and audit data in a single console. The IT team has ensured the required level of control and continuous compliance with the regulatory standards. Netwrix Auditor aggregates data from all critical systems in one console, providing comprehensive and pervasive visibility into all IT changes and access attempts across the IT environment.
  • Time savings on routine reporting. To make sure no unauthorized or incorrect changes impact the performance and security of the IT infrastructure, the IT team reviews Netwrix Auditor reports on a daily basis. The automation of reporting saves about 10 hours of work every week.
  • Time savings on compliance audits. The predefined compliance reports delivered by Netwrix Auditor have enabled the IT team to decrease the time needed to meet compliance audits from weeks to several days. During audits, the IT team uses Interactive Search to find specific information in real time.
  • Cost savings. BankCard Central has cut costs with Netwrix Auditor in two ways. First, automation of compliance reporting enabled BankCard Central to use constrained resources more efficiently. The IT team has replaced routine tasks with more important IT projects. Also, Netwrix Auditor offers comprehensive functionality within one platform and doesn’t require the purchase of additional modules purchase what simplified deployment and use.

“We use Netwrix Auditor to audit every system of our infrastructure. Previously, I had used five separate solutions from other vendors for monitoring Active Directory, MS Exchange, logs and firewall log analyzers. I have replaced all of those with Netwrix Auditor. Netwrix Auditor made it extremely easy to get through the audits. Now we are able to prepare for the audits in a few days, not weeks, and prove that we have control of our IT environment,” said Andrew Ledford, Chief Information Officer at BankCard Central.

“Companies need simple and cost-effective solutions that would automate labor-intensive tasks and allow them to focus more on security and compliance,” said Michael Fimin, CEO and co-founder of Netwrix. “Several research studies have indicated a disturbing trend: companies are exposed to security threats and are slow on implementing the newest security technologies because IT teams are overwhelmed with routine tasks that could have been easily automated. In the wake of cyber-attacks companies should devote their efforts to enable security and beat the threat, using all available resources wisely.”