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Card Acquiring is Dead. Long Love Mii-Promo!

A card payment system that has fair and transparent pricing AND that drives sales and customer loyalty 

Markadis, Europe’s most progressive company in the card payments sector is forecasting the death of the pure-play card acquiring payments industry with the birth of Mii-Promo, a new powerful transaction-based marketing tool for independent retailers that is built around a simple card payment solution.

“There is no doubt that that card payments have become the cornerstone of retail business and that is set to continue for many years to come as the technology that surrounds it evolves constantly,” commented Adrian Cannon, Managing Director, Markadis. “Unfortunately the industry that provides card payment services has not kept up with this evolution and it has become fixated on complex and obscure pricing models and costs. This failure to evolve means it will die!”

“Mii-Promo is the next generation of card payment service because it not only offers a quality card acquiring service but also an easy to use, online sales and marketing tool that will help revive the personal relationships that have been the hallmark of independent retailers and therefore drive customer loyalty,” continued Cannon.

To prove their faith in the future Markadis is celebrating the death of the old acquiring business model by introducing the Mii-Promo package including;

  • A fully functional, quality acquiring service with great customer service
  • Transparent and low simple rates for credit and debitcard processing,
  • A brand new Ingenico payment terminal,
  • A simple PCI compliance process and a price to match its simplicity and a 12 month contract.
  • Access to the Mii-Promo sales analysis and marketing portal and an introductory offer if Mii-Promo is used within 12 months of starting

“There really is no reason to be stuck with your old card acquiring service; A new partnership with Mii-Promo will kick-start a retailers’ business in so many ways,” concluded Cannon.

Mii-Promo uses customers’ existing debit and credit cards to register and operate, so there is no requirement for expensive loyalty card schemes that independent retail and licensing trade businesses can rarely afford. In addition, the suite of data marketing tools that is the very back bone of Mii-Promo can monitor buying trends and customer behaviour to highlight and capture opportunities for the individual owners and managers who are supported by Markadis’ expert marketeers.