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ATMIA Launches New Member Categorization System

ATM Industry Association reveals breakdown of members across the ATM ecosystem 

The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) has launched a new system of member categorization to showcase its balance of membership across the entire ATM industry ecosystem and to better understand the breakdown of industry sectors represented in its membership base.

“ATMIA began nearly twenty years ago as an ISO/IAD (Independent ATM Deployer) organization, which still represents the largest single segment of our membership,” says USA Executive Director, David Tente.  “And today, the extraordinary diversity of our membership has empowered ATMIA to become the only organization that can truly speak for the industry as a whole.”

“With the categorization system updates, members can select a primary company type as well as two additional company types to easily cross-reference their business throughout all ATMIA member databases and directories,” explained Sharon Lane, Global Director, Finance and Member Services. “The new structure not only allows ATMIA to better visualize its members’ market service offerings, but also helps to target and enhance member benefits and website experience.”

ATMIA has members in Financial Services, namely banks, credit unions and Independent ATM Deployers (IADs), Cash Services, Card Services, Network Services, Manufacturing, Value-added Services, Payment Services, Security Solution Services, Consultancy Services and Media Services. The new member system has revealed that ATMIA has three times as many IADs as banks, with 1,154 IADs as members, compared to 257 banks and 61 credit unions.

“This new member categorization, and the facts it reveals, decisively dispels myths and disinformation about ATMIA that our association is focused on banks to the exclusion of other important sectors of the ATM industry,” explained Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA. “There is no shred of truth in the statements being disseminated by several misinformed individuals in the industry at conferences and in meetings that our association is dedicated only to banks. Out of a total of 5,687 members, there are 1,491 in Financial Services, of which the large majority are Independent ATM deployers (IADs). ATMIA is thus the only trade association with a good balance of voices across the whole ATM industry, including this important independent sector. It is precisely this membership balance, built up over almost two decades of dedicated work, which enables us to truly represent the best interests of the entire industry – to the benefit of ATM owners, deployers, manufacturers, networks, providers of value-add services and, of course, the millions of cardholders and consumers who use ATMs, not to mention the economy itself.”